Thursday, March 12, 2020

Using a Diffuser with your Blow Dryer

Learning to use a diffuser correctly will make you love this blow dryer attachment instead of tossing it aside when you get a new dryer.  The diffuser is shaped like a bowl with prongs.  These prongs are used to hold the hair while it is drying.

Diffusers sort of mimic air drying as they surround the hair with warm air instead of the air flowing directly and harshly onto the hair.  It also stops you from pulling hair straight or making it frizzy as you blow dry.  The diffuser provides a much gentler way to dry your hair.

Those with curls absolutely need a diffuser to keep those curls soft and bouncy, as well as separated by the plastic spikes.  With a diffuser curls are more defined.  Even those with straight hair will notice more volume by using the diffuser.

So, what is the correct way to use the diffuser?   
  • Detangle and dry your hair.  Before you get out of the shower, use a wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair. Scrunch your hair with a microfiber towel to remove excess water—don’t use a terry cloth towel, as this can increase frizz.
  • Add product.  This is the time to add the curl defining cream or blow dry cream or other product.  Place the correct amount in your hand, then rub hands together and gently apply to hair.
  • Diffuse hair in sections.  You may need to use clips to hold other hair out of the way.  Turn dryer to medium or low heat.  It may take longer for your hair to dry, but it won't dry your hair out.  Place a small section of hair into the diffuser bowl, then bring the dryer toward your head, making sure all of the hair is cradled within the bowl.  Using gentle circular motions near the roots of hair will help to add volume as well.
  • Alternate sections.  Don't leave hair in the diffuser for longer than 30- 45 seconds.  Just move from section to section until your hair is dry.  Don't rotate the dryer; this can cause tangles.


Curly hair
Choose a hair product that controls frizz and holds curls.
You’ll get looser waves or curls if you leave your hair a little damp.
Natural curls may look their best if you dry the roots to mid-section and leave the ends to air dry.
Try to avoid touching hair during the drying process as touching can create frizz and cause curls to lose their shape.

Wavy hair

Use beach or wave spray before you diffuse.
Avoid moving the diffuser from side to side when you’re drying your hair to prevent frizz.

Straight hair
Dry your hair completely to make sure the curls don’t immediately go limp.
Use a styling product that adds volume.

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