Friday, March 13, 2020


It's all about skin care products that reverse the signs of aging - recovering and protecting your natural skin beauty.  Advanced ingredient technology is in harmony with the botanical extracts from both the earth and ocean.

In all of their products, Refinee` uses rejuvenating aromatic oils of Lavender, Orange, Grapefruit and Tangerine to keep skin radiant.  It combines these with high level antioxidant botanicals including Japanese Green Tea to repair cell damage, Gingko Biloba to increase circulation, Aloe to soothe and heal, Comfrey to rejuvenate cells, Amica for antibacterial properties, Chamomile to soothe and Pomegranate for its anti-aging properties.  By combining these peptide (small chains of amino acids - the building block for your skin) rich botanicals with soothing, healing oils, your skin will experience phenomenal results.

Cleanse, exfoliate, tone, treat and moisturize with Refinee products.  Your skin will love them!

The Hydrating Gel Mask is infused with argan oil, dragon's blood and resveratrol that repairs damaged skin and eliminates free radical.  Protecting the skin from premature aging, it leaves it renewed and healthy.

Every skin will love the Exfoliating Fruit Cleanser.  It lifts away the dead surface cells as it stimulates natural rejuvenation.  Pores are clarified, toxins are washed away as you cleanse and polish.  Your skin will feel and look radiantly fresh and feel gorgeously clean.

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Watch the video, to learn more about Refinee` and how to use for your best skin care.

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