Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Give your nails a springtime lift!

You might not yet feel it where you live, but spring is on the way!  Time for some bright nails that stand out, make a statement and lift your spirits after the long winter.  Fun and easy, this nail art design will make you smile!

  • Pick your bright color for your base, and another color for the stripes.  Here there are two similar shades of yellow, but you could choose any shades, making the bright base with a contrasting color as well.  
  • Apply your base coat first to your cleans and prepped nails.
  • Apply 2 coats of your bright color.  Be sure to let each coat dry fully.
  • Use a striping brush to pain two thin horizontal lines near the free edge of the nail.  (You could also paint two lines vertically or change it up for each nail...use your imagination!)
  • Finish with your top coat.

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