Thursday, February 6, 2020

6 make-up tips for maturing faces

As we aging, we need to adjust our make-up routine to combat the signs.  You can minimize the effects of aging by using these tips:

Eyebrow Pencil
So when you think of your face starting to look older the first thing most people think of is wrinkles. However, your eyebrows are one of the real first tell-tale signs of aging. Youthful brows are thick and darker. Start by getting a brow pencil about one shade darker than your hair color. We really like Mirabella's The Brow Pencil for its smudge-proof formula and attached spoolie brush. The spoolie brush is the first tool you will need in making youthful eyebrows. Gently comb the hairs into place following their natural arch. Next, use the pencil to very lightly outline the lower and upper arch. The outline shouldn't be too dark since you want it to look as natural as possible. With quick, sketch-like strokes fill in any gaps in your brow. Finally, use the spoolie brush again to blend in the penciling and natural hairs. The art of eyebrows can be tricky so you may want to practice before actually heading out.

Collagen Face Mask
Collagen is what made your skin firm and elastic back in your twenties. As your skin ages, collagen production slows and that's when your face begins to sag. One quick, easy and fun fix is to relax the night before a big event, or just another Sunday fun-day, with a collagen boosting mask. We love using Skin L de L Anti-Aging Sheet Mask. Sheet masks are great because of how easy they are to apply and clean up later. After washing your face, open the mask and apply to your face. Apply pressure to different pressure points to not only apply the mask but to relax even more. Leave on for 10 minutes and remove. After your mask is done top off with moisturizer.

Switch to Cream or Liquid foundation
Powder foundation is great for a young matte finish. As we age though, matte finishes and powders are not our friends. The powders tend to settle into wrinkles making them more noticeable and matte finishes continue to steal the natural radiance of your face. Opt for liquid foundations and concealers, to reduce caking and enhance radiance. Liquid foundations are also generally packed with extra vitamins and proteins to keep your skin healthy.

Add caffeine to your routine

Yep, that's right, coffee is no longer just to drink. It's time to add it to your face! Caffeine is known to constrict blood vessels and act as a diuretic. Constricting blood vessels will de-puff eyes and relieve dark circles or red sports you now may have. The diuretic properties are perfect for dehydrating fat cells which can give a smoother, and in some cases thinner, looking face. 

Use a primer
If you haven't been already, it's time to start priming! Primers are rich in anti-oxidants for overall skin health and they lock in your natural moisture. The primer also fills in small creases and lines for a more even canvas to do your foundation. This also means your makeup won't settle into any places it shouldn't. One thing to remember is to find a mineral based primer like Youngblood's Mineral Primer. Those are the ones with the most anti-oxidants.

Lengthen your Lashes

While all of the skin around your eyes begins to sag and wrinkle, one thing that won't (visibly) age on you is your actual eyes. So why not draw extra attention to them? A great way to draw more attention to your eyes and in a sense shade some of the smaller wrinkles around the sockets is by lengthening and thickening your lashes. Now to actually grow the longer thicker lashes you need time and a serum, but what if your next big event is too close? Then look for lash extending fibers like the ones from Mirabella. These fibers go on before you apply mascara. They are in a cream formula so they won't flake or knockoff. Plus, it acts as a wonderful lash conditioner to add separation and thickness to your natural lashes. Simply apply, let dry for a minute then apply mascara over. Tada everyone will be staring at your young-at-heart eyes and not the wrinkles that show your wisdom.

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  1. Great suggestions! The use of primer and liquid foundation are ones I'll use.


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