Monday, January 20, 2020

Do I dare to cut my hair short?

Have you looked at a woman who has chosen to go really short with her hair and thought, "that style looks so easy" or "I wish I could wear my hair like that".   Still, you have kept your hair long or even very long, afraid to take the chance.  Let's face it...styling long hair can take more time every can also be more versatile.  Short styles are much easier to manage quickly, but they also can limit your styling choices.  So, on it goes, back and forth, and you can't make a decision.  The "to cut or not to cut" conundrum.  There is one way to make this decision easier and it only requires a ruler, a pencil and a quick minute.

Whether a short style will work with your face can be tested with a measurement.  The angle of the jaw is what determines whether you will look better with short or long hair.

Let's measure:

  • Hold the pencil horizontally level right underneath your chin.
  • Hold the ruler vertically right under your ear.
  • The distance from your earlobe to the chin is what determines whether short hair is for you.  If this measurement is less than 5.5 centimeters, then you can head to the salon.  A short hair cut will look great!
While this is measuring trick is a good rule of thumb, it is not the only guide.  Your preferences and how you feel about how you look are much more important.  If the measurement says 6 centimeters, but you really want that pixie cut...go for it! Short styles can often take years off a face.

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