Thursday, January 2, 2020

Beauty in the next decade.

This century's roaring 20's is going to see some amazing new beauty trends.  Everything from new technology like virtual try-on to more ingredient transparency and more diversity in cosmetics for minorities, males and different age groups.  We are already seeing an explosion of new niche brands that cater to a specific need.  One of the biggest is those searching for safer, cleaner and environmentally kind products.

Technology will change what we buy and give us more options.  You'll see mobile apps that monitor your skin's sun damage and those that detect skin problems and recommend a personalized formula skin care regimen.  There will be devices for 3-D printed face masks and sensors to monitor you skin's hydration levels.  Amazing!

Watch for the big beauty brands to make more changes to their product lines as they try to keep their customers who are flocking to the new niche brands and those that are catering to the currently underserved.  Just as you hear the word "inclusive" in other areas of our lives, you going to hear "inclusive beauty" coming from these big brands.
  • Beauty products catering to men will be more available.  
  • Baby boomers, which are currently having to search for products that meet their needs will be targeted with items that meet the needs of post-menopausal skin.
  • Products that care for children's personal care needs will also emerge, with specific attention to softer, gentler safe ingredients.
Beauty companies are already working with farmer's to grow organic, eco-friendly botanicals for their products.  The "farm-to-face" movement will expand.  Consumers are demanding sustainable ingredients and more compostable packaging.

Ingredient transparency will finally be here.  Beauty companies both large and small are paying attention to their more informed customers.  All ingredients will be listed, including what's in a fragrance.  Many of the current "toxic" ingredients will be replaced with safer alternatives.  More of the current animal based ingredients will be replaced with plant based ones.  

It looks like we have an exciting decade ahead for beauty consumers.  

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