Monday, January 6, 2020

5 steps to switch to Clean Beauty

Tomorrow morning as you get ready for the day, count the number of separate items you use.  Soap, shampoo, conditioner, skin cream, face creams, cosmetics.  Yikes!  The average woman in the US will use at least 12 separate products every day.  So, whatever is in those products impacts your skin.  Many ingredients are safe, but others can compromise your health over time. The build-up of the mix can trigger hormone imbalance, weight gain, thyroid problems, cancer & more.  Plus, as you wash them off they are flushed into the environment - which doesn't help our earth.  Remember, it's not just you washing them off, but millions of women doing the same thing.

So, if this is the year you decide to move to a cleaner, safer beauty regimen, we've got an easy, step-by-step plan.  It may take a little time in the beginning, but we promise the effort will be worth it and your body will thank you.

Learn & Understand. First take a look at the ingredients on the products you currently use.  If you don't know what it is, look it up.  We've got a great list with explanations on our Beauty Science page.  Make a list of the ingredients you want to avoid when making new purchases.  Then make a list of ingredients you would like to have in your products.  Keep it with you when you shop.  That way, your choices will be much easier.

Keep things simple.  When reading the ingredients on your current products, do you find nearly the same words on both your face cream and lip cream?  Is your foot balm the same as your hand cream.  Is there products available that can do double-duty?

Start with the products you use on your body.  Your skin is the largest surface you cover so it stands to reason it will absorb the most of what you put on it.  Next is your hair care - the products you put on it, run down your body and down the drain during your shower.

Swap out as you run out.  If you can't afford to run out and replace every product in your bathroom, don't worry - none of us can.  Instead, purchase a new, safer, cleaner product when you run out.  Unless you find something you want to replace immediately, this is the best way.  It also gives you a chance to evaluate each new product as you replace it - does it work for you?

Make-up can be a tough one - many companies still do not list all of their ingredients on the package. Many cosmetics mix minerals like mica for color with plant oils or water.  If mixed with water, then there needs to be a preservative added to keep bacteria at bay.  Natural plant-powered cosmetics may need to be touched up a little more frequently, but there are good skin benefits to balance this drawback.

Finally, remember this switch to cleaner, safer beauty products is a process.  The goal is to reduce your exposure to toxic chemicals, reduce packaging waste, and still feel and look great!  

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