Thursday, February 20, 2020

What's a Carrier Oil?

Carrier oils are made from plants.  They are unscented or lightly scented and are used in beauty products to deliver the benefits of essential oils.

Essential Oils are oil loving compounds that quickly evaporate and do not mix with water.  Essential Oils are highly concentrated.  They can often irritate the skin if applied without being diluted, and since they don't mix with water, they are mixed with a "carrier" oil in order to prevent quick evaporation and to help them penetrate the skin and hair.

Beauty product formulas use many different carrier oils, sometimes as many as two or three, depending on what product they are making and for what purpose.  Different carrier oils provide different benefits. Carrier oils can penetrate the skin or seal the skin.  Combined with specific essential oils, they provide the benefits of the end product.

The most common carrier oils include:
  • Coconut oil.  It contains nourishing fatty acids and polyphenols.
  • Jojoba Oil.  It is extremely moisturizing and closely mimics sebum, the skin's natural oil.  It also absorbs easily in the skin without clogging pores.
  • Apricot Kernel Oil.  High in fatty acids and vitamin E, it can also calm irritate skin.
  • Sweet Almond Oil.  It's very lightweight and absorbs easily, while still being a great moisturizer.
  • Olive Oil.  It's full of fatty acids and plant sterols so you'll often find this as an ingredient in skin cleansers.
  • Argan Oil.  Very rich in Vitamins A and E as well a monounsaturated fatty acids, it is often used for both dry skin and dry hair and as an ingredient in anti-aging products.
  • Rosehip Oil.  High in Vitamins A and C, both of which help fight the signs of aging and to help reverse sun damage.
  • Grape seed oil.  High in Vitamin E, it helps heal skin and reduce wrinkles
  • Avocado Oil.  Very high in oleic acid to help dry and damaged skin.  It may increase sebum production, so should be avoided if your skin is acne prone.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020


What's that white stuff on your nose on a hot summer day?  Zinc Oxide is a mineral.  When zinc is heated with oxygen, the chemical reaction makes the zinc oxidize. As the elements vaporize, what's left is crystals of zinc oxide.

It has many uses besides as a sunscreen in medicine (both internal and topical) as well as in rubber manufacturing, paints, ceramic glaze and as a food additive.  When combined with the mineral hemimorphite, it is calamine.  The fine particles in the oxide are both  deodorizing and antibacterial.  They are, however, not soluble in water, they must be mixed with an oil to work effectively.

Zinc Oxide applied to the skin remains on the skin's surface, protecting the skin from UV exposure and environmental irritants which is why it is found in so many creams and ointments.  As well, it works in products that soothe or prevent itching and infections.  The coating properties of zinc oxide block the bacteria by reducing the skin's permeability.

In cosmetics, zinc oxide helps keep the skin hydrated and slow the appearance of fine lines.  It also helps keep the skin's oil production in balance and enhances collagen synthesis.

You can even find zinc oxide in a rainbow of colors.  Manufacturers created these to make them more fun to use and wear.  Because zinc oxide doesn't mix with water, it lasts much longer as a sunscreen.  Colors also make it more fun for children who sometimes balk at applying sunscreen but love getting their face "painted".

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Make-up tips for those who wear glasses

Whether you need your glasses or you're making a fashion statement by wearing them, your glasses can be a glam accessory.  There's just one problem that many overlook.  Lenses distort the look of our eyes, especially mature eyes.  It's important to know this to create your best eye look.  So, let's take a look at common distortions and what to do.

You're wear your glasses to see the close-up things.  This means your glasses magnify your eyes so they look bigger (yeah!), but this magnifications extend to the crepe-y lid, circle, lines and make-up that is sloppy.
  •  Get yourself a 10X dual-sided magnification mirror.  It will help with the make-up application skills and help you to keep things more your eyeliner, or gloppy mascara.  Be sure you blend.
  • You can do a great smoky eye with this type of glasses and even line your lower inner and outer rim.
You're wear your glasses to see in the distance.  These glass lenses will make your eyes look smaller.  If you have deep-set or hooded eyes, this makes this issue worse.
  • Black eyeliner is your best friend.  Just be sure to do the right size line...thin line for thin frames, thick lines for thick frames.  Get the liner as close to the lashes as possible, even lining under the upper rim.  
  • Shadows should be soft and shimmery in light tones like sand or peach.  Dark shades or matte ones just close up the eyes.
  • Line the lower waterline with a very light color, even ivory, to open your eyes even more.
You need to wear progressive lenses or're lenses have two or three different prescriptions in the single lens.  Your make-up has to be as multi-functional as your lenses.
  • Select a light and neutral contoured look for your eyes.  Avoid a very dark smoky look.
  • Blend a shimmery light shadow across the lids.  You can use a medium brown or taupe in the crease.  Select a gel liner in black, charcoal or dark brown to help shape the upper lash line.
Finally, some general guidelines:
  • Your frame color has an impact on your cosmetic looks
    • Dark color frames (black, tortoise shell, navy, etc.) define and strengthen the eyes, almost like an instant eyeliner.  
    • Soft colored frames gently sculpt the eyes and can help better highlight the cheekbones and slim the face, so of like a contour make-up.
    • Opaque or sheer fames in amber, pink or rose will brighten the complexion like an instant blush.
  • Big frames = big bold make-up choices.  Small frames = delicate, lighter make-up.
  • Glasses means using a eyelash curler and using a volumizing mascara instead of a lengthening mascara.  You don't need your eyelashes batting your lenses all day!
  • Eyebrows a re important.  They frame your frames.  Be sure they are in good shape.

Monday, February 17, 2020

Oily Skin Care

All skin has oil in it.  The oil comes from the sebaceous gland under the skin's pores.  The sebaceous gland produces a natural oil - sebum.  It's what keeps skin healthy and hydrated.  When your skin constantly looks shiny, it's because the sebaceous gland is producing too much oil.  Oily skin doesn't have to be a problem but your first have to identify why your skin is producing too much sebum.

Age - younger skin may produce more oil.  As you age you may outgrow this.  As skin ages it loses proteins - collagen - and the sebaceous gland begins producing less oil.  This is why younger skin tends to have acne more often.  The sebum mixes with the dead skin and clogs your pores.  There is, however, a benefit too:  oily skin does not usually show signs of aging as soon as those with drier skin.

Genetics - if you parent had active sebaceous glands, it's likely you will too.

Your Environment - if you live in a hot, humid climate your more likely to have oily skin, especially in the summer.  If this is your problem, you may need to have different skin care routines for summer and winter.  Using a matte foundation will also help as it soaks up excess oils.

Large Pores - whether natural or due to age or previous acne or even weight fluctuations, these can also produce more oil.  Blotting oily areas throughout the day can help.

Using Incorrect Skin Care products.  If you think your skin is a combination skin instead of oily, you may be using creams that are too heavy.  While a heavier cream or moisturizer may work in fall and winter, you may need to change to more lightweight products for spring & summer. 

Over-cleansing or excessive exfoliation can also make your skin more oily.  When you strip away too much of the sebum, the sebaceous gland will go into overdrive, producing even more oil.  Even very oily skin only needs to be washed twice a day.

Thinking your oily skin doesn't need a moisturizer.  It's simply not true, especially when you are using acne treatments like salicylic acid.  Instead of not using a moisturizer, select a lightweight, water-based product.  The key is to cleanse, tone and then moisturize.

There are some steps you can take to minimize oily skin:
  • Wash your face every morning and evening using a gentle, foaming cleanser that is labeled "oil free" and "noncomedogenic" so your pores are unclogged.  That means making sure you remove all make-up too.
  • Moisturize every day with a product that contains an SPF of 30 or higher.  Your sebaceous gland will produce more oil as the sun dries out the skin.
  • Use make-up that is oil-free, water based.
  • Use blotting papers throughout the day, pressing one gently against your face and leave in placed for a few seconds to absorb the oil.  If you rub with the paper it will only spread the oil to other areas.
  • Avoid touching your face.  This only spreads dirt and oils from your hands to your face.

Sunday, February 16, 2020

WHAT'S NEW this week?

Talyoni Cannabis Sativa Tincture Multipack.

Experience the multi-faceted health benefits of concentrated, CBD-infused hemp seed oil. Our blend of raw and steam distilled CBD is minimally refined; retaining the plant's terpenes and phytocannabinoids to deliver a comprehensive, full spectrum formula.  It includes 3 formulas: Inner Harmony, Youthful Glow and Digestive Aid.  Just fill the dropper and release the oil under your tongue.  Hold it for 30-90 seconds and then swallow.

Matrix Biolage All-In-One Coconut Infusion Multi-Benefit Spray

Nurture your hair with the best with this multi-benefit spray. A multi-benefit treatment spray made with coconut infusion to enhance shine in the hair and fight off frizz. Protects from heat and prevents split ends. Great for all hair types, textures and lengths!  Its paraben and sulfate free, vegan friendly with no artificial color.

Dermalogica Active Clay Cleanser

Balance your skin with this cleanser. A prebiotic, mineral rich clay cleanser formulated with charcoal to actively cleanse and purify your skin. Infused with kaolin clay and activated binchotan charcoal to absorb excess oil and powerfully absorb impurities from the skin. Protects the skin's natural lipid barrier and promotes a healthy microbiome. A bioflavonoid-rich complex of citrus, aloe and broccoli extract help purify pores while leaving skin smooth, refined and revitalized.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

FB Live: L'Anza with Jen and Jamie

Join us on Facebook every Friday at 11 a.m. PST for information, tips, and beauty education!

Friday, February 14, 2020


This high-performing make-up line has products for every beauty need that are free of harsh chemicals and non-nano SPF 50.  They use only pure minerals from ricks that are beneficial to your skin.  They don't dilute the ingredients, making sure your skin is getting the positive benefits of the minerals.

It's clean beauty with no oils dyes or talc.  The Loose Mineral Foundation contains only inorganic minerals from rock so they are not absorbed into the skin.  Plus it provides full spectrum natural sunblock (UVA & UVB).  It won't clog pores.  The incredible staying power means it lasts all day, even after a workout or swim.  The protection lasts until you wash it off.  10 shades means you be able to perfectly blend your foundation with your skin tones.

The minerals used in La Bella Donna refract the light to help reduce the appearance of those fine lines and wrinkles.  Four ingredients work synergistically to balance the moisture content in skin so they work for every age and skin type.  You'll find blushes, shadows, lipsticks and everything else you need to create that beautiful you without any ingredients that are harmful.  It's a lifestyle choice to a cleaner, healthier skin.

P.S.  There's FREE shipping on this brand.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Can I pull off Red hair?

Less than 2% of the world's population is a natural redhead!  That's why it is so attention grabbing.  So if you want some of that spotlight and are thinking of going red, let us give you some tips.

Before we talk about some red hair care tips, let's learn a little about color pigments. In the final run, the mixture of only two pigment groups determines the color of our hair, namely eumelanin and pheomelanin. Only a minimal amount of the small pheomelanin molecule will cause the red tinge. Quite a bit of this small pigment is however necessary for a gorgeous flaming red head.

In case you or your hair stylist has created the red coloring of your hair, you'll know that keeping red hair vibrant is a struggle. The red color will readily disappear and even slowly leach out when you merely rinse your hair with water. Born redheads certainly know how light will quickly bleach their hair color. This is due to the fact that pheomelanin is degraded faster in the presence of UV light. Mere hair care and protection will not preserve the copper red color. It takes active care and knowledge of how to maintain red hair to keep the red hair color brilliant.

Red pigments are light-sensitive, especially those that come in a bottle. Both natural and other redheads should stay out of the midday sun, use hair care products that are made for red hair and that protect against UV rays.

If your hair is dyed red, you should not use a swimming pool for at least two weeks after dyeing your hair because chlorinated water is much harder on those red pigments.

As your hair starts to fade, you should use a red color rinse. It will help maintain the brilliance. Products like Celeb Luxury Colorwash or Tressa Watercolors are perfect for this.

Use an intensive mask/treatment on your hair weekly. Using a conditioner on red hair is not enough. Intensive treatments contain ingredients that penetrate the hair and can fill out gaps in the hair cuticle. This keeps the red pigments in the hair for a longer time. Matrix Total Results Color Obsessed is great for this. 

Now, what shade of red to choose?

Fair, cool skin tones look best with a ginger or cinnamon shade of red.  Make sure to balance the copper and gold and avoid any orange tones.  They are too abrasive.

Fair to medium neutral skin tones will love the classic auburn with touches of warm toffee.  Brunettes will find this a great way to transition to this warm color. 

Medium neutral skin tones will look should choose the pink-red shades.  You can warm up your blonde with a metallic red.  Apricot shades really flatter the pink undertones in your skin.

Medium to deeper skin tones an really rock the fire engine reds and scarlets.  The cooler red shades are flattering to skin with yellow undertones.  

Wednesday, February 12, 2020


We most often hear the term Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA).  So what is Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA)?  It is an exfoliating agent like alpha hydroxy, but its molecule is smaller.  In the ingredients list on your skin care products and cosmetics it may be listed as salicylic acid, salicylate, sodium salicylate or willow extract.  It may also be called tropic acid or trethocanic acid.  BHA's are not as strong as AHA's.

Beta Hydroxy Acid (Salicylic acid) is most often used in skin creams to combat acne and help smooth signs of aging.  BHA's weaken the "glue" that holds dead skin cells together and on your skin.  Weakening this helps the skin discard these dead cells (exfoliation) so the newer skin underneath is revealed.  BHA's are also oil-soluble so they are very effective on oily-skin types.  It also has the ability to get deep into the skin's pores to unclog and clean them out.  It can also help lighten dark spots.

Is it safe?  Willow bark is the most common extract for BHA's (is the same willow bark used to make aspirins).  The FDA and the Cosmetic Ingredient Review (CIR) both find it to be safe when it is formulated and tested to make sure it does not cause increased sensitivity to sunlight.  They recommend when using a product with a BHA to be sure to use sunscreen daily.  Because your skin because more sensitive to UV light when using a BHA, you should also be careful to follow the directions for use.  Products with BHA should not be used on infants and children.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Eat a Rainbow everyday!

Beauty Care Choices may sell products for the, skin & nails, we also know that healthy beauty starts from the inside.  Eating the right foods can make your hair shine and your face glow. So, why eat a rainbow?

Purple & Blue
The color in eggplant, plums and blueberries is due to their anthocyanin content which provide lots of antioxidants.  They also give you Vitamin E, iodine and potassium to help keep the oxygen flowing.

These veggies are rich in chlorophyll.  They also contain isothiocyanates that help reduce carcinogens from the liver.  Besides the antioxidants, the broccoli, cabbage, and other leafy greens are full of Vitamin K, folic acid and potassium.  They also contain lost of micronutrients like iron, plus lots of B vitamins.

Things like avocado, kiwi, pistachio nuts are rich in lutein - very important for eye health.  They are also rich in Vitamin C.

They get their color from carotenoids or beta carotene.  These are full of vitamin A which the body turns to retinol; exactly what your skin needs to help prevent acne and wrinkles.  Eating mangos, apricots, carrots & squashes will also help build your immune systems.

It's the lycopene that gives cranberries, tomatoes, watermelons & guava red.  It's also what makes the pink grapefruit pink.  Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant.  Include pomegranates, radishes, red peppers in your diet extra Vitamin C, anthocyanins, and beta carotene.

Monday, February 10, 2020

10 Best Sulfate-Free Shampoos

Sulfates are what cause the sting when you get some shampoo in your eyes. They can strip hair of natural oils. However, sulfates do a really great job of cleaning your hair. It’s a trade off. So, if you are prone to itchy flaky scalp or skin, have eczema, have chemically damaged or color treated hair, it’s is probably best to avoid products with sulfates.

If you have normal, healthy hair, then using a shampoo that contains sulfates is a matter of preference. If you just don’t feel clean without lots of suds, then look for less irritating sulfates. The least irritating sulfate is Sodium Myreth Sulfate, followed by TEA Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. The most likely to irritate is Ammonia Laureth Sulfate. Just be sure to condition hair after shampoo. 

If you decide sulfate-free is for you, you don't need to worry about finding one that will work for your hair.  Our Top 10 list includes moisturizing, volume, color protection, restore and even a weekly clarifying shampoo - all without sulfates.  Take a look!  


Sunday, February 9, 2020

WHAT'S NEW this week?

Bonblissity brings you Shower Sprinkles Moisturizing Body Scrub.  These tubs are full of a head-to-toe treat.  Made from pure cane sugar and super-fine salt, they gently exfoliate the skin.  Just scoop out this rich blend of cocoa, shea and avocado butters.  Your skin will be so soft and smooth.

Shower Sprinkles come in scents of Fresh Lemongrass, Lavender Luxury, Mango Sorbet, Ocean Mist, Sweet Satsuma, Vanilla Brown Sugar plus an unscented scrub.

Jane Iredale Bronzer gives your face a natural, shimmering look.  Four shades come in the refillable compact.  Add gorgeous highlights to your face as you build, blend and illuminate.  It's light diffusing, which makes it great for sweeping across the lips, eyes and cheeks.

Choose from Moonglow, Peaches & Cream, Rose Dawn or Sunbeam.

Nioxin - Hair Restore Products

Set the perfect foundation for your scalp with this scalp exfoliator. Made with NIODerma Technology  to normalize a flaky scalp. Removes scalp flakes, debris and build-up to give your scalp a fresh and clean feel. Good for dry scalp and is recommended to use every 30 - 45 days.

Saturday, February 8, 2020

FB Live: Why Choose Healium 5.

Beauty Care Choices CEO Jennifer Coy is chatting with Healium founder Beth Di Maio. They will be talking about the amazing Healium products that are all enhanced with sunscreen, cruelty-free, paraben-free and sulfate-free. This family owned and operate business is sure to steal your heart and your hair!

Be sure to tune in on Facebook every Friday at 11:00 a.m. (PST) for "You have Beauty Care Choices Live"

Friday, February 7, 2020

BRAND PROFILE: Alfaparf Milano

Born in Italy, Alfaparf Milano is now an international beauty brand, selling on six continents (they don't have products in stores in Antarctica).   They use the very best raw materials to create hair care products that meet the needs of every individual and style.
  • Lisse Design Keratin Therapy enhances and maintains your professional keratin straightening process.  Its shampoo and conditioner maintenance care and rehydrating mask keep hair strong and prevent dryness.
  • Semi di Lino products let your hair shine with the brilliance of diamonds.  One of their most popular lines, has solutions for every hair issue and provide the nourishment hair needs.  One of the most desired products - Cristalli Liquidi - is a serum that truly works wonders.  The oil works to protect hair fibers and instantly produces a brilliant shine.
  • Precious Nature is your choice if you love the effects of botanicals and natural ingredients like pistachio, almond, grape and lavender oils.
  • Style Stories is Alfaparf's complete line of styling products, everything from hairsprays to mousse to gels and pomades, all made to let you tackle any style.  

Thursday, February 6, 2020

6 make-up tips for maturing faces

As we aging, we need to adjust our make-up routine to combat the signs.  You can minimize the effects of aging by using these tips:

Eyebrow Pencil
So when you think of your face starting to look older the first thing most people think of is wrinkles. However, your eyebrows are one of the real first tell-tale signs of aging. Youthful brows are thick and darker. Start by getting a brow pencil about one shade darker than your hair color. We really like Mirabella's The Brow Pencil for its smudge-proof formula and attached spoolie brush. The spoolie brush is the first tool you will need in making youthful eyebrows. Gently comb the hairs into place following their natural arch. Next, use the pencil to very lightly outline the lower and upper arch. The outline shouldn't be too dark since you want it to look as natural as possible. With quick, sketch-like strokes fill in any gaps in your brow. Finally, use the spoolie brush again to blend in the penciling and natural hairs. The art of eyebrows can be tricky so you may want to practice before actually heading out.

Collagen Face Mask
Collagen is what made your skin firm and elastic back in your twenties. As your skin ages, collagen production slows and that's when your face begins to sag. One quick, easy and fun fix is to relax the night before a big event, or just another Sunday fun-day, with a collagen boosting mask. We love using Skin L de L Anti-Aging Sheet Mask. Sheet masks are great because of how easy they are to apply and clean up later. After washing your face, open the mask and apply to your face. Apply pressure to different pressure points to not only apply the mask but to relax even more. Leave on for 10 minutes and remove. After your mask is done top off with moisturizer.

Switch to Cream or Liquid foundation
Powder foundation is great for a young matte finish. As we age though, matte finishes and powders are not our friends. The powders tend to settle into wrinkles making them more noticeable and matte finishes continue to steal the natural radiance of your face. Opt for liquid foundations and concealers, to reduce caking and enhance radiance. Liquid foundations are also generally packed with extra vitamins and proteins to keep your skin healthy.

Add caffeine to your routine

Yep, that's right, coffee is no longer just to drink. It's time to add it to your face! Caffeine is known to constrict blood vessels and act as a diuretic. Constricting blood vessels will de-puff eyes and relieve dark circles or red sports you now may have. The diuretic properties are perfect for dehydrating fat cells which can give a smoother, and in some cases thinner, looking face. 

Use a primer
If you haven't been already, it's time to start priming! Primers are rich in anti-oxidants for overall skin health and they lock in your natural moisture. The primer also fills in small creases and lines for a more even canvas to do your foundation. This also means your makeup won't settle into any places it shouldn't. One thing to remember is to find a mineral based primer like Youngblood's Mineral Primer. Those are the ones with the most anti-oxidants.

Lengthen your Lashes

While all of the skin around your eyes begins to sag and wrinkle, one thing that won't (visibly) age on you is your actual eyes. So why not draw extra attention to them? A great way to draw more attention to your eyes and in a sense shade some of the smaller wrinkles around the sockets is by lengthening and thickening your lashes. Now to actually grow the longer thicker lashes you need time and a serum, but what if your next big event is too close? Then look for lash extending fibers like the ones from Mirabella. These fibers go on before you apply mascara. They are in a cream formula so they won't flake or knockoff. Plus, it acts as a wonderful lash conditioner to add separation and thickness to your natural lashes. Simply apply, let dry for a minute then apply mascara over. Tada everyone will be staring at your young-at-heart eyes and not the wrinkles that show your wisdom.

Wednesday, February 5, 2020


The beautiful orange color you see in carrots, sweet potatoes, cantaloupe, pumpkins and apricots is beta carotene.  It's the precursor to Vitamin A.  Vitamin A makes your skin look younger and more radiant.  As always, keeping skin healthy means you want to work from both the inside and outside.  Eating the foods listed above will help on the inside.  Adding beta carotene to the outside will boost skin's retinyl esters.  (Retinyl esters are the skin's storage form of retinol which stimulates the production of new skin cells.)  This helps minimize the appearance of dry skin and reduces skin flaking.

Beta-carotene is an anti-oxidant.  When ingested, the body converts it to Vitamin A.  It helps reduce free radical damage in the body and plays a vital role in the reproductive processes.  It also keeps eyes healthy.  When used in cosmetics it's a healthy orange colorant.

What else can beta carotene do?
  • It helps protect the skin from UVA and UVB rays.  Research has shown that persons with a diet rich in beta carotene foods and whose topical skin care contained this ingredient enjoyed this photoprotection.
  • It can reduce the dark spots (melasma) on the skin.  Using topically applied beta carotene can help reduce or eliminate discoloration over a period of 9-10 weeks.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Beauty Essential - Make-up Remover

A make-up remover is essential. Most cleansers won't remove the make-up thoroughly. Make-up removers are made to break down the cosmetics, even those deep in the pores. Sleeping with makeup on can lead to acne breakouts, accelerate the aging process and make the skin look dull.

Choose the right type of make-up remover for your skin. If you have rosacea or eczema, use a hypoallergenic fragrance-free makeup remover. Cream or liquid cleansers work well for individuals with sensitive skin. And if your skin is more tolerant, you will be better able to handle makeup remover cleansing cloths. The most important thing when choosing the perfect makeup remover? Avoid those that contain alcohol, fragrances and preservatives whenever possible.

Eye makeup such as mascara is more stubborn to remove, especially when it’s waterproof. It is very important to take all of your eye makeup off with a remover targeted for that area. Leftover mascara can lead to eye infections, discoloration and puffy eyes in the morning. Don’t just swipe on your eye makeup remover in haste. Place a cotton ball with remover over your lids, hold it for a minute to dissolve the product, and then wipe away. Do not rub the delicate under-eye area. Once the mascara comes off, face cleanser can be used in the next step.

Cleanse your face after using the make-up remover. If you have oily or combination skin, use a cleanser or face wash with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. For dry skin, use a creamy, gentle cleanser or a foaming face wash that will not dry out the skin too much.

Massage gently with your fingertips in circular movements, and use lukewarm water and a facial sponge to deep cleanse. Then RINSE, RINSE, RINSE. Make sure you have rinsed away all traces of the remover and cleanser. Leaving it one your face can clog pores and lead to dull skin and acne breakouts.

Beauty Care Choices has some of the very best removers. Click here to find the right one for you.

Monday, February 3, 2020

Give yourself a Valentine's Treat!

Alone by choice or not....Valentine's Day can be hard to take when you are surrounded by displays of affection.  And, this year Valentine's Day falls on a Friday which means it's likely even more lovey-dovey couples will be out and about.  So, if you're not wanting to take yourself out to dinner and a movie by yourself (although you certainly could), here are some other ideas.

Stay home alone and be self-indulgent (but not a pity party).  Instead make it a special treat.

  • Start with a complete body & hair makeover.
    • Apply a good hair mask.
    • Apply a good face mask
    • Grab a bath bomb and a sweet exfoliant, some favorite, scented candles and indulge in a long warm bath.  Add some of your favorite tunes for even more relaxation.
    • Finish with a shower rinse and slather on your favorite lotion.
    • Now, put on those favorite PJ's, pour yourself your favorite beverage and gather a few munchies and a blanket.  Turn on a great movie.
  • Have a single girls' night in.  Gather together your single girlfriends, a couple of bottles of wine and some pre-made snacks and have some fun.  
    • Do some mani-pedis - have everyone bring their own favorite color polish.  Let everyone paint a toenail on each other.  You'll end up with 10 different toenail colors and lots of laughs along the way.
  • Throw a singles-only board game party.  Invite all your single friends, male & female.  Serve up some beer and pizza, turn on the music and bring out your favorite board games...whether serious challenges like Risk or hilarious games Apples to Apples.

Sunday, February 2, 2020

WHAT'S NEW this week

Introducing "Holistic" - an all natural line of hair care products from Enjoy.  They work with any hair type - from fine to thick, from curly to dull and damaged.  With these products, less is more.  Free from all sulfate, soy, gluten, parabens & more.  If you're ready for a safer, clean salon experience, then give Holistic a try.

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Friday, January 31, 2020


Hair and skin care products infused with CBD to both pamper you and promote your overall well-being.  They relieve discomfort as they soothe and moisturize.  CBD Daily is made by Earthly Body.  Since 1996, Earthy Body has created all natural hemp based products.

CBD Daily uses natural hemp CBD, not CBD from the marijuana plant.  While both hemp and marijuana are plants of the cannabis family, hemp contains less than 0.1% THC (the compound that creates the high), while marijuana plants contain 10% THC.  CBD is known to help relieve pain and soothe skin.  It interacts with the body's endocannabinoid (EC) system which controls regulatory functions.

But CBD Daily doesn't just use hemp CBD, they also infuse their products with coconut, jojoba and apricot oil - all natural and all good for hair and skin.  What they don't have is mineral oil, dyes, sulfates, propylene glycol, phthalates or parabens. Every product, from their shampoo to skin candle to Triple Strength Active Spray or Cream uses only naturally derived ingredients.

Worried about CBD quality and amount in the product?  That's not a problem with CBD Daily.  Earthly Body uses a third-party facility to test all products.

Thursday, January 30, 2020

A sporty nail look!

Want a sporty looking manicure with bright colors that's also very easy to do and quick to repair if you get a chip.  OPI has just the best idea.  You're going to love it!

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

BEAUTY SCIENCE: Our Skin - Understanding What Works & Why

Remember that firm, bouncy skin you had as a teen?  Of course!  Our skin looked that way because our dead skin cells self-exfoliated and our cell matrix was full and thick.  Over the next days, we are going to take a serious look at our skin, its structure and needs.

First, some definitions:

Skin:  the largest organ of our body, it keeps everything together and is the part of our structure we show to the world.

Skin Matrix:  the jelly-like fluid between the skin cells that is made up of hyaluronic acid, sugars, salts and chondroitin sulfates bound by essential fatty acids.

Skin's Acid Mantle:  made of water from the sudoriferous gland and sebum from the sebaceous gland that blend on the skin's surface.  They form the biofilm, the "acid mantle".  This is what protects contaminants from penetrating and damaging the skin.
  • The sebaceous gland under your skin secrets sebum, an oily, waxy substance.
  • Sudoriferous gland is what produces sweat.
Skin's Microbiome:  the billions of friendly living organism on you skin.  These skin flora create the eco-system on your skin, invisible but keeps skin healthy.

Homeostasis:  living systems with a tendency to be relatively stable, to maintain the equilibrium between dependent and inter-dependent processes.

Transdermal: capable of delivering the ingredient into the circulation for systemic effect, i.e it passes through the skin's outer layer as opposed to "topical" which sits on the skin.

So, what does it take to keep skin healthy.  It takes the right ingredients both inside and out to keep it glowing.

It takes a plump matrix, a healthy acid mantle and a homeostasis microbiome

Plump up the matrix 
  • from the inside with lots and lots of water and eating essential fatty acids.
  • from the outside:
    • Exfoliate the dead skin and cleanse the skin using a gentle alpha hydroxy acid.  Once this is done, your skin is very vulnerable.  Your skin has lots water and its protective acid mantle.
    • Apply a cream with a transdermal delivery system to put nutrients and essential fatty acids back into the skin to help restore homeostasis; these include retinol, vitamin C, plus hyaluronic acid to plump up the matrix.
Maintain a healthy Acid Mantle and Microbiome
  •  Avoid harsh soaps with ingredients like alcohol, triclosan or even classic soap.  These are all very alkaline and your acid mantle prefers a slightly acidic environment, a pH of 5.
  • Use only gentle, mild exfoliants.  Those lovely little bacteria that keep your skin healthy really hate a harsh scrub.
  • Keep skin care products simple.  You and your skin do not need the perfumes, colorants and texturants.
  • Avoid preservatives when possible.  They have one function.  They kill bacteria.  That may be great in making product with a long shelf life, but it will also kill that good bacteria on the skin.
    • TIP:  products with no water - 100% oil or a solid - do not have or need a preservative.
  • Eat healthy.  Your gut microbiome talks to your skin and can create problems like inflammation and acne.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Monday, January 27, 2020

Keep hair protected in winter!

Baby it's cold outside.  You feel it, and so does your hair.  The cold, dry hair of winter, both indoors and out can be very hard on your hair and scalp.  To keep hair looking its best, follow these simple tips.

During the winter months, it’s a great idea to treat your hair once a week to a deep conditioning treatment. This will help to replenish the moisture, which tends to get depleted from things such as the dry heat in your home and the cold winter air. You can find just what you need by clicking here!

The cold might make you long for that hot, steamy shower, but keep the water temp at lukewarm when shampooing.  Hot water will zap moisture quickly.  Finish with a cool rinse.

If you can keep washing your hair to a minimum, say two to three times a week, this will prevent your hair from drying out too much. And always make sure you dry your hair before leaving the house. The moisture in your hair combined with the cold air, will add further damage to your hair by making it more brittle and dry.

Fly-away hair is arguably the most annoying property of winter hair. It is caused by heated interior air and the contact of hair fibers with other fibers such as the fabric fibers of hats, headbands, and clothing. The movement of these fibers against hair produces static electricity, which makes hair stand on end. Use styling products that help to prevent fly-away hair. Among them are styling mousse, extra-gloss wax, and hair oil.

A final, very simple tip is to wear a hat when out as it keeps your hair covered from the wind, rain and snow. But as we all know, no woman wants the “dreaded hat hair.” A great way to avoid this is to wrap your hair in a silk scarf before putting on your cozy, wool beanie. This helps to protect your hair from damage caused by the hat rubbing against your hair and it also cuts down on the static. You can also use a volumizing spray or salt spray before you blow-dry your hair while hanging your head upside down. Carry the spray with you to refresh your hairstyle after taking off your hat.

Sunday, January 26, 2020

WHAT'S NEW this week?

BioLumin-C Eye Serum

Brighten, firm and hydrate the delicate skin around your eyes.  This super-charged vitamin C serum brings a youthful appearance back to skin.  Enjoy a firmer skin with less visible wrinkles.

Zero Heat Air Dry Styling Cream   

Give your hair the break it deserves and still get your style perfect.  Joico's Zero Heat Air Dry Styling Cream comes in two formulas, one for Thick hair and one for Fine/Medium hair.  Each speeds up the air dry time while it minimizes frizz and enhances hair texture.  It also protects hair from humidity and boosts your hair's shine.

Saturday, January 25, 2020

FB Live: Discover Beauty Care Choices!

Learn the Then & Now, See a tour, and hear the stories of how Jennifer and Dave Coy started Beauty Care Choices and the anecdotes and growing pains they experienced along the way.  It's the story of a small business that has succeeded.

Join us on Facebook every Friday at 11:00 a.m. PST for live tutorials and information from product educators.

Friday, January 24, 2020


XFusion is keratin hair fibers, made to blend perfectly with your hair to cover sparse or thinning areas or conceal hair loss.  Easy to apply and easy to wash out with shampoo.  The keratin fibers are made from a natural wool that imitates your natural hair, so the fibers look natural.  They contain tiny ridges to keep them in place all day long, even in harsh weather.
  • The fibers are pure and organic, made from the same keratin protein as human hair.
  • The patented application system evenly disperses the fibers in under 30 seconds with immediate results. 
  • XFusion fibers are completely undetectable. They do not run or stain, but remove easily with shampoo. 
  • XFusion Keratin Hair Fibers are manufactured by Spencer Forrest, Inc., the leader in cosmetic hair-loss treatment since 1981.
XFusion Keratin Hair Fibers come in nine natural shades.  Shop now!

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Wednesday, January 22, 2020


If you've ever exfoliated skin cells, then chances are you've used a product containing Glycolic Acid.  It is one of the best, if not the best, dead skin exfoliator and is also used to minimize scars and even out skin tone.

Glycolic acid is made primarily from sugar cane.  It is one of the alpha-hydroxy acids and one of the most studied.  As we have discussed in the past, you need an ingredient with a small enough molecule to pass through the skin's outer barrier and penetrate in order for it to be effective.  Glycolic Acid has a every nice small molecule.  It penetrates easily.  It works to exfoliate by "ungluing" dead skin cells from each other.

Glycolic acid's ability to break down these dead skin cells makes it effective in fighting acne.  Acne is caused by clogged pores which are full of dead skin cells.  Unclogging them is a great first step in fighting acne.  Glycolic Acid also is able to reach into the hair follicles to loosen built-up sebum and proteins to prevent further acne breakouts.

As an anti-aging ingredient, glycolic acid has the ability to make our skin look more vibrant.  Since we don't shed our dead skin cells as easily as we age, glycolic acid can step up and help remove them, making skin look younger and more youthful.   It works the same for acne scars, age spots and sun damage by getting right of the excess pigment in the skin.

One of the extra side benefits of glycolic acid is its ability to help you skin absorb other products like retinol and Vitamin C.  Using a glycolic acid exfoliator also makes make-up application easier as products apply much more smoothly.

Glycolic acid is safe to use as a daily face wash with a 7 to 10 percent glycolic ratio.  A face cream may contain up to 15 percent glycolic acid and still be safe.  The downside to glycolic acid is it makes the skin more sensitive to sunlight so it is best to use at bedtime, especially if it is a glycolic mask.  You also want to make sure your product is pH balanced.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Mega Lashes with Mirabella

If you're not one of the lucky few that have full, thick lashes naturally, Mirabella has your solution.  Take a look!

Buy your fuller, gorgeous lashes now! 

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Do I dare to cut my hair short?

Have you looked at a woman who has chosen to go really short with her hair and thought, "that style looks so easy" or "I wish I could wear my hair like that".   Still, you have kept your hair long or even very long, afraid to take the chance.  Let's face it...styling long hair can take more time every can also be more versatile.  Short styles are much easier to manage quickly, but they also can limit your styling choices.  So, on it goes, back and forth, and you can't make a decision.  The "to cut or not to cut" conundrum.  There is one way to make this decision easier and it only requires a ruler, a pencil and a quick minute.

Whether a short style will work with your face can be tested with a measurement.  The angle of the jaw is what determines whether you will look better with short or long hair.

Let's measure:

  • Hold the pencil horizontally level right underneath your chin.
  • Hold the ruler vertically right under your ear.
  • The distance from your earlobe to the chin is what determines whether short hair is for you.  If this measurement is less than 5.5 centimeters, then you can head to the salon.  A short hair cut will look great!
While this is measuring trick is a good rule of thumb, it is not the only guide.  Your preferences and how you feel about how you look are much more important.  If the measurement says 6 centimeters, but you really want that pixie cut...go for it! Short styles can often take years off a face.

Sunday, January 19, 2020

BCC CEO Jennifer Coy named to Forbes Business Council

We are so proud!
Press Release
Jennifer Coy, CEO of Beauty Care Choices accepted into Forbes Business Council

Jennifer Coy

Forbes Business Council Is an Invitation-Only Community for Successful Business Owners and Leaders

Shasta Lake, CA 1-7-2020 — Jennifer Coy, CEO of Beauty Care Choices, an e-commerce beauty products company located in Shasta Lake, CA  has been accepted into the Forbes Business Council, the foremost growth and networking organization for successful business owners and leaders worldwide.

Jennifer  was vetted and selected by a review committee based on the depth and diversity of her experience. Criteria for acceptance include a track record of successfully impacting business growth metrics, as well as personal and professional achievements and honors.

“We are honored to welcome Jennifer Coy into the community,” said Scott Gerber, founder of Forbes Councils, the collective that includes Forbes Business Council. “Our mission with Forbes Councils is to bring together proven leaders from every industry, creating a curated, social capital-driven network that helps every member grow professionally and make an even greater impact on the business world.”

As an accepted member of the Council, Jennifer has access to a variety of exclusive opportunities designed to help her reach peak professional influence. She will connect and collaborate with other respected local leaders in a private forum and at members-only events. Jennifer will also be invited to work with a professional editorial team to share her expert insights in original business articles on, and to contribute to published Q&A panels alongside other experts.

Finally, Jennifer will benefit from exclusive access to vetted business service partners, membership-branded marketing collateral, and the high-touch support of the Forbes Councils member concierge team.

“I am so excited to join the Forbes Business Council, said Jennifer Coy.  “It is truly an honor to have been accepted and I am really looking forward to both the mentorship and mentoring I will experience.  Being a business owner in the fast moving and ever changing world of e-commerce and beauty products  brings many challenges.  Being a Forbes Business Council member will give me some of the best resources to continue to grow and thrive in today’s retail beauty market.”

Forbes Councils is a collective of invitation-only communities created in partnership with Forbes and the expert community builders who founded Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC). In Forbes Councils, exceptional business owners and leaders come together with the people and resources that can help them thrive.

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FB Live - Styling Tool Tricks

Be sure to tune in to our next Facebook Live show.  They are Fridays at 11:00 a.m. PST

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Just four products, but a whole lot of benefits.  Ethica hair care is anti-aging and hair re-growth solutions.  Achieving these benefits can be both complicated and technical.  As with everything, there is no one miracle ingredient, but rather a formulation that includes the right ingredients in the right amounts to gain the maximum benefit.

The daily shampoo gives you an exceptional anti-aging and active stimulation experience, it's a complete product for your hair, scalp, and hair follicle.  It accelerates hair growth while reducing shedding.  It also adds volume and shine as it reduces frizz.

The daily conditioner compliments the shampoo and increases the anti-aging and hair growth benefits.  Hair is hydrated and protected.

Ethica's Ageless Daily Topical spray-on solution adds to overall hair density and is great for use on the front hairline.  It also gives your roots a little lift as it delivers nutrients deep into the hair follicle.

Corrective Daily Topical is your choice is your hair needs some advanced care.  You can spot treat your problem areas and achieve powerful results.  This product is also great for after chemotherapy to rebuild the hair follicle.

Ethica Beauty Products are all alcohol, fragrance, gluten, paraben, & sulfate free.