Thursday, December 19, 2019

A quick de-stress facial massage

As we go through the hectic holiday season, it's important to take time for ourselves. Even if you only have five minutes, grab your favorite facial oil, sit back, and follow these tips for a de-stressing facial massage - or if your lucky, have sometime do it for you!

  • Forehead Wrinkle Release. Using your fingertips, lightly press into the forehead and glide toward your temples. Firmly press then release.
  • Revitalize Eyes. Press between brows. Then, slide your index fingers around the brow bone and under eyes making an "S" shape between the brows. Firmly press bridge of nose and release.
  • Glow Point Detox. Press and glide between points at sides of nostrils, under cheekbones and front of ears. Make sure to stop and press at each of these pressure points.
  • Jawline Stress Release. Using small, upward circles massage your jawline beginning at the chin. Make sure to press at points below the ears, then glide down to the neck and collarbone.

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