Monday, November 4, 2019

Here come the holidays!

We'll we reminded you the first of last month! Now we have 24 days to Thanksgiving, 47 days before Hanukkah will begin and 50 days before Christmas.  Hopefully you have your lists ready!  What lists you ask?
  • The Thanksgiving Menu
  • The Christmas or Hanukkah Dinner Menu
  • The special foods shopping lists
  • The "extras" list of traditional items you make, bake, or do for the holidays.
  • Your holiday gift list - at least a list of who you give to, along with some idea of what you want to give.
We'll we can't help you with the first four, but Beauty Care Choices is ready to assist with your gift-giving list.  We have everything from the best styling tools to special beauty gift kits to stocking stuffers.  Take a look!

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