Friday, November 29, 2019


Revive your hair!  That's the sole mission of Eprouvage hair care products. Prevent the appearance of thinning hair even before the symptoms start!  There are so many factors that culminate in a negative impact on our hair and scalp.  Eprouvage product's active ingredients work to promote a healthy scalp, which creates thicker, fuller-looking hair.  Eprouvage is the first professional hair care to bring the science of progressive plant stem cells to hair care.  
  • Egyptian Blue Lily plant's active plant cells are cultivated and included for their anti-aging and scalp and skin balancing.
  • French Oak Extract has a high concentration of antioxidants to neutralize free radical.
  • Natural peptides are included for thicker, fuller looking hair.
  • Rice, vegetable and soy keratins help strengthen hair, repair damage.  They absorb quickly into hair without residue build-up.
  • Redensyl - a hair growth galvanizer!
  • Products are sulfate, gluten & paraben free.

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