Saturday, November 30, 2019

The secrets to applying mascara!

Long, luscious lashes are a cosmetic necessity. Applying mascara effectively is essential to full, natural looking eyelashes. Follow these five rules to get perfect eyelashes.
  • Eyelash curlers are essential. Lash curlers are the key to giving lashes that “wow” factor. Be sure to choose one that creates a beautiful upward curl (ToolWorx has a great one!). With a delicate pumping motion, move from the lash base upward for maximum results. Always curl before applying mascara, not after. When bare, the eyelashes are suppler so the crimping of the lash isn't as damaging. 
  • Never "pump" your mascara wand.  This pushes air into the tube which makes it dry out faster and get clumpy.
  • Apply mascara starting at the roots of the lashes and apply with a wiggle motion to create more volume at the roots.
  • Let lashes set between layers of mascara. Practice a little patience between each coat. Giving a little bit of air time between each coat will allow the mascara to set and build upon each layer instead of gooping up as one big clump.
  • Prevent “spider lashes” with a lash comb. Avoid spidery clumps by combing lashes after applying mascara. A metal-toothed lash comb is key; apply a coat, wait a few seconds, brush through eyelashes, and then apply the next coat. Mehaz Retractable Eyelash Comb is perfect if you don't have one.
  • Don’t layer different mascaras. Some formulas will not mix well and end up clumping However, some mixing and matching does work. If there’s a wand you prefer over another, clean it off and use with your favorite formula or as a lash comb.
  • Condition and treat your lashes daily. Just like your hair, your lashes need a little TLC. Lash conditioners work as a primer, creating a smooth surface for mascara. Growth treatments stimulate the eyelash growth cycle, making it longer, so lashes come in longer, darker and thicker.

Friday, November 29, 2019


Revive your hair!  That's the sole mission of Eprouvage hair care products. Prevent the appearance of thinning hair even before the symptoms start!  There are so many factors that culminate in a negative impact on our hair and scalp.  Eprouvage product's active ingredients work to promote a healthy scalp, which creates thicker, fuller-looking hair.  Eprouvage is the first professional hair care to bring the science of progressive plant stem cells to hair care.  
  • Egyptian Blue Lily plant's active plant cells are cultivated and included for their anti-aging and scalp and skin balancing.
  • French Oak Extract has a high concentration of antioxidants to neutralize free radical.
  • Natural peptides are included for thicker, fuller looking hair.
  • Rice, vegetable and soy keratins help strengthen hair, repair damage.  They absorb quickly into hair without residue build-up.
  • Redensyl - a hair growth galvanizer!
  • Products are sulfate, gluten & paraben free.

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving from BCC

To all of our friends and customers:  
We wish you a very happy Thanksgiving filled with love, family, friends and joy.  Thanksgiving is the perfect time for Beauty Care Choices to express our gratitude to all of our loyal customers for trusting us and shopping with us for all of your beauty care needs.  

Wednesday, November 27, 2019


Shea butter is an emollient, meaning it is high in fatty acids.  It is a key ingredient in many beauty products, including shampoos, conditioners, skin creams, soaps and lotions.

Shea butter comes from the shea tree (Sapotaceae Vitellaria pradoxa).  These trees are only found in the African Sahel, the semiarid region south of the Sahara Desert.  They live between 150 and 200 years.  It grows to a height of 15 to 25 meters.  The nut they produce is almost 50% fat.   These fatty acids include oleic acid, stearic acid, linoleic acid and palmitic acid.

The tree is popularly known as the ‘karite’ tree in French. In Ghana, it is known as ‘nku’; in Sudan it is called ‘lulu’. In Nigeria, the Hausas call it ‘mankade’ while the Ibos ethnic group calls it ‘okwuma’ and the Yorubas ‘igi-emi’. In Uganda, the Acholi and Lango ethnic groups call it ‘yaa’ and ‘yao’ respectively while the Iteso and Madi ethnic groups call it ‘ekuguru’ and ‘awa’, respectively.

In African countries, shea butter is used as a waterproofing wax, making candles, to increase the durability of wooden musical instruments, as an ointment for pain relief and as a cooking oil.  In the United Kingdom it is incorporated into many tissue products like toilet paper.

Shea butter in beauty products is generally used in small amounts due to its high cost compared with other oils such as palm oil or olive oil.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019


It is definitely turning colder and it’s time to start thinking about ways to protect your hair from the damage that the winter elements and indoor heating can cause.  Here are a few tips:

  • During the winter months, it’s a great idea to treat your hair once a week to a deep conditioning treatment. This will help to replenish the moisture, which tends to get depleted from things such as the dry heat in your home and the cold winter air. You can find just what you need by clicking here!
  • If you can keep washing your hair to a minimum, say two to three times a week, this will prevent your hair from drying out too much. And always make sure you dry your hair before leaving the house. The moisture in your hair combined with the cold air, will add further damage to your hair by making it more brittle and dry.
  • Fly-away hair is arguably the most annoying property of winter hair. It is caused by heated interior air and the contact of hair fibers with other fibers such as the fabric fibers of hats, headbands, and clothing. The movement of these fibers against hair produces static electricity, which makes hair stand on end. Use styling products that help to prevent fly-away hair. Among them are styling mousse, extra-gloss wax, and hair oil.
  • A final, very simple tip is to wear a hat when out as it keeps your hair covered from the wind, rain and snow. But as we all know, no woman wants the “dreaded hat hair.” A great way to avoid this is to wrap your hair in a silk scarf before putting on your cozy, wool beanie. This helps to protect your hair from damage caused by the hat rubbing against your hair and it also cuts down on the static. You can also use a volumizing spray or salt spray before you blow-dry your hair while hanging your head upside down. Carry the spray with you to refresh your hairstyle after taking off your hat.

Monday, November 25, 2019

Fragrance Facts

By now, readers of this blog know that Beauty Care Choices is all about consumers making the right "Choices" for them when buying beauty products.  One of the biggest concerns has been the US FDA only requires the word "fragrance" on a cosmetic label; it does not require the ingredients in the fragrance be listed.  Others, including the European Union do.  So, what's the truth.  Loma Organics founder, David Hanen, explains what it means on the Loma label.

Friday, November 22, 2019

BRAND PROFILE: Macadamia Professional

Macadamia Professional harnesses the power of two natural oils - Macadamia Oil and Argan Oil - to bring you three care and treatment collections that bring natural healing, nourishment and moisture to your hair.  

  • Macadamia Oil has the highest amount of Omega 7 - more than any other nut.  Omega 7 very closely resembles the sebum of the human scalp.  This optimizes the absorption and penetration to provide both nourishment and moisture.  Plus, Omega 7 is very lightweight and non-greasy.
  • Argan Oil is full of Omega 9, antioxidants and Vitamin E.  These ingredients improve hair strength and add shine and softness.  They also help reduce frizz.

Macadamia Professional contains no harsh sulfates, are color safe and paraben, gluten and cruelty free.  Their products provide intense nourishment and long-lasting smoothness.  There is also natural UV protection.  

Macadamia Hair Care has three hair collections to meet every hair need.
  • Weightless Moisture
  • Ultra Rich Moisture
  • Nourishing Moisture
Plus there is a full range of styling products from hairsprays to tousled texture finishing sprays, each with the unique Pro Oil Complex to keep your hair healthy.  There is even a Healing Oil Infused Comb that gives hair hassle-free nourishment and easy hair detangling.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Child safe hair care products & tips!

Image result for washing toddler hair

Ever wondered what the difference is between regular and baby shampoo. Adult shampoos contain chemicals called anionics (like ammonium laurel sulfate) that create the lather most people want when they shampoo. This can be very drying, but since most adults use conditioner and other styling products and have oilier skin than kids, it's not an issue. 

Caring for infant and toddlers hair washing.
  • Babies only need to have hair washed once or twice a week. If your baby has cradle cap, which (despite the flakes) is an oily-skin condition, wash with a dandruff shampoo two or three times a week after massaging a little olive or baby oil onto his scalp to loosen the flakes.
  • Toddlers: Three times a week is fine (more often if he's got a penchant for mashing bananas on his head).
  • Preschoolers and up: As your child's hair gets longer, wash it every other day (less often for very curly, dry, or African-American hair; in these cases, you can use conditioner once a week, too).
  • At any age: Always shampoo at the end of the bath so your child's not sitting in the sudsy water, which could irritate sensitive skin.
The best way to comb painlessly after shampooing:
  • DO use a wide-tooth comb, or a boar-bristle or paddle brush, on dry hair. Avoid using your vent brush, which has tiny teeth that can snag.
  • DON'T start at the top; you'll just make tangles worse. Instead, begin at the ends and slowly work your way up the hair shaft, gently pulling apart knots with your fingers.
  • DO the hair at the nape of the neck first, which tends to get most tangled.
  • DON'T wet bad snarls. They'll only get more matted. Work in some regular hair conditioner or spray detangler, and hold the hair at the scalp while you gently comb out.
Beauty Care Choices carries some of the best in children's hair care...gentle and you can be sure they are safe.  Original Sprout and Fairy Tales are just perfect for your little ones. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2019


Image result for hemp seed oil

HEMP SEED OIL (Cannabis Sativa) is obtained by pressing hemp seeds. It has a nutty aroma and is dark to light green in color. It’s a natural humectant preserving the upper layer of the skin’s moisture. Hemp Seed Oil contains Vitamins A, B, B1, C and E, iron, proteins, sodium, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, calcium, iodine, beta carotene, phlorotannins and essential amino acids. Hempseed oil, in particular, is known to not clog pores, be anti-inflammatory, and provide superior moisturization to keep the skin looking and feeling supple. It can be used within a product or even just on the skin as a face oil.

Hemp seed oil has been around for decades and sold at health food stores for both cooking and skincare. It should not be confused with CBD oil. Cannabis (often referred to as marijuana) and hemp are two varieties of the same plant species, cannabis sativa. Hemp seed oil will be listed as cannabis sativa seed oil. CBD will be listed as cannabidiol, full-spectrum hemp, hemp oil, PCR (phytocannabinoid rich) or PCR hemp extracts. However, when CBD and hempseed oil are put side by side, a lot of misleading labeling happens.

In 2018, a farm bill passed making industrial hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) legal nationwide. Because of this, there’s been a “green rush” of cannabis-inspired products flooding the market — including beauty products.
Since they share the same species name, they’re often lumped into one big family and there seems to be a lot of confusion around their difference.  See the chart below.

MarijuanaHemp Hemp seeds (cannabis sativa seed oil)
produces tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) at 20%+ levels (the psychoactive compound that makes a person feel “high.”) has to be less than 0.3% THC to be sold legally 0% THC, trace amounts of CBD
produces CBD at 10%+ levelsproduces CBD at 20%+used as food such as hempseed milk, granola, and more
medicinal and therapeutic uses for chronic pain, mental health, and illnessesstalks of the hemp plant can produce clothing, rope, paper, fuel, home insulation... (the list goes on and on)cold-pressed for oil production that can be used in cooking, beauty products, and even in paint

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Nine steps to a perfect Blow Dry

Brunette woman blow drying her hair in the mirror
Proper blow drying is gentle on your hair and leaves your hair with bounce and luster. Make sure your dryer has an adjustable temperature (at least, hot, medium & cool) and air stream (at least, high or low). Below are some other tips that will help you get the "salon quality" blow-dry you are look for. Pay special attention to's one of the best tips and the least used!
  1. If at all possible, avoid the high heat settings of your blow-dryer. The air stream should feel comfortable on the back of your hand.
  2. Keep your distance! Keep the hair dryer at least 8 inches away from your hair.
    If your hair is fine you should set the air stream to low. Otherwise, you may end up with tangles in your hair. 
  3. Blow-dry every individual hair strand from the roots to the ends. This technique provides smooth cuticle layers, which are the basis for healthy, shiny, and well-protected hair. 
  4. Keep the blow-dryer moving constantly to avoid applying too much heat in a single spot. We recommend dividing the hair in several portions and securing the strands with large hair clips or grips. Work your way up blow-drying your hair from the neckline to the crown of your head so that you don't hit the same strand of hair multiple times. 
  5. Most of us have to somehow live with the morning rush. Whenever you must speed up drying your hair use a higher setting for the air stream, not for the heat
  6. Always use a heat protectant. These products help prevent blow-drying damage. 
  7. Try not to blow-dry your hair immediately after shampooing. Ideally, you should allow your hair to first dry for 15 minutes under a towel turban. This saves effort and also cuts down on the hair exposure to the blow-dryer. 
  8. The diffuser attachment of your blow-dryer spreads out a more even air stream. This also prevents exposing individual strands of hair to too much heat. 
  9. Once you are done blow-drying your hair, briefly apply a stream of cool air. This cooling step gives your hair more elasticity.

Monday, November 18, 2019

Choosing the right shade of Nail Polish for your skin tone.

Unless you are a fashionista when it comes to your nails and polish, then you're like most women and have to make a tough decision during your weekly manicure...choosing a single polish color.  So, to help you in making this momentous decision, we've gathered together some tips to help insure you will like the color for the whole week! 
Beauty Care Choices has over 600 shades of polish from Zoya, Morgan Taylor, Essie, OPI & SpaRitual

Light Skin Tones.
The trick with pale skin tones are finding polish shades that compliment, rather than compete with or wash out your fair complexion.
  • Nude: Nude polishes constantly top the most popular lacquer lists, but picking out the right nude for you is definitely a trial-and-error process. Try a sheer pinkish nude rather than a beige that could show up yellow on you.
  • Red: Go for a classic color, like the red on the bottom of Christian Louboutin’s iconic shoes. It’s a color that will flatter everyone, even those with light skin tones. When shopping, though, make sure to hold your red polish up to the light. If you can see through it, you know it’s going to be sheer.  Going for a clean and cool blue-toned red will make the most of pale complexions.
  • Pink: When it comes to pinks, those with light skin tones have a ton of options. Fair skin can totally rock both sheer pinks or super bright fuchsias  with cool undertones.
  • Purple: Pastel lavenders look amazing, but to be wary of how much white the color has in it. Generally, you want to make sure it won’t look more white than lilac when it’s sitting against your skin.
  • Blue: You may be tempted to go for that cobalt, but if you have a light skin tone, navy is a fun option. In fact, it’s another that works especially well if you have a warm undertone. Navy goes so great on anyone’s skin tone, you can’t get it wrong.
Medium-Olive Skin Tones.
Medium skin tones vary—from a bronzy glow to olive—and that changes the colors you wear best depending on your undertone. However, these nail polish picks are universally flattering and gorgeous for your medium-toned complexions.
  • Nude: While those with very fair skin may lean towards something with a pinkish hint, medium skin can handle something that is a bit more beige - even a full-coverage yellow-based color.
  • Red: Orange-reds may reign your lipstick collection, but that shade can work well with your mani, too.  If you have a skin tone similar to Kim Kardashian, choose a red that has a pop of orange to it or something with gold undertones. A red with gold undertones will bring out your complexion’s natural glow.
  • Pink: Those with medium skin tones may find peachy-pinks especially flattering. Look for polishes that are sheer yet pigmented for a juicy, summertime-appropriate look.
  • Blue: While medium skin tones can do pastel blues, an intense sky blue is an even more flattering choice. Make sure that any shade you choose has enough pigment in it to really stand out next to your skin, especially if you have warm undertones.
  • Purple: Purple isn’t just taking over your eyeshadow palette; it turns out that purple polish is super versatile. Stay away from pastels with a white base and go towards something with more pigment, like a deep grape shade. 
Dark Skin Tones.
Complement your deep skin tone with nail polishes that offer a punch of high impact color. While every shade of lacquer looks amazing on dark skin, these are our picks for the very best shades.
  • Pink: Stay away from light, baby pinks. Make sure you’re really wearing pink - neons and bright fuchsias.
  • Purple: Deep skin tones can wear both pastel and dark purples equally well. So how should you narrow it down? Try a universal shade that holds a darker berry-tint to it.
  • Blue: Got the blues? It’s time to embrace the brightest, most intense cobalt shades, which will really stand out next to your skin. If you want to do a baby or heather blue, you need to make sure there isn’t too much of a white undertone to the formula.
  • Nude: When it comes to picking out the best nude for you, cream and beige nail polishes with sheer, jellylike formulas win again.
  • Red: While almost every red looks amazing with dark skin tones, Lippmann says that deep reds work well with darker skin tones and give “a slight variation.” Think full, rich shades that you might find in gemstones or a glass of amazing red wine.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

WHAT'S NEW this week.

Integrity Tools Multi-Use Styler

Beat the heat with this multi-use styler. A multi-use styler designed with thermal technology to help reduce color fade caused by heat. Gives you the ability to straighten, curl or wave in just one unique thermal tool. Features a color preserve indicator, prompting you to set the multi-use styler at a lower temperature to further protect hair color and reduce heat damage. Lightweight, designed with titanium-infused ceramic and has an 11 ft. cord.

Take care of yourself with this herbal tincture. A herbal tincture enriched with calming botanical extracts that help to elevate both your mood and health. Has 850MG of CBD and contains no THC.

Neck Firming Serum

Firm the skin on your neck with this serum. A unique serum that is designed to smooth the surface of the neck by visibly reducing the appearance of wrinkle depth. Packed with peptides, antioxidants, vitamins and potent botanical elements to deliver nutrients while tightening the skin for a firmer and more youthful appearance.


  • Supports your skin's moisture barrier by retaining skin lipids (the natural fatty oil in skin that conserves water)
  • Hyaluronic acid naturally moisturizes your skin, smoothing out the appearance of wrinkles in the process
  • Contains vitamins B1, B2, B6 and C, niacinamide, choline and 18 amino acids
  • Visibly erases the signs of fatigue and helps restore the look of your skin's splendor
  • Immediately moisturizes skin
  • Improves and extends the release of skin moisturization
  • Provides antioxidant benefits
  • Combats the appearance of chronological skin aging
  • Antioxidant and free radical scavenger
  • Increases the look of skin elasticity
  • Serum has a slightly sticky consistency
  • Dries clear with a light scent

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Still haven't decided on what to give everyone on your list.  While you're making up your mind, this is the time to gather those stocking stuffers, secret Santa, and hostess gifts.  You can find so many items - from nail polishes to soaps to lotions at Beauty Care Choices to help Santa.  Find the perfect item to delight your hostess or secret friend.

Friday, November 15, 2019


100% U.S. GROWN & PROCESSED HEMP is used to create skin care & hair care products.  They even make products for your pet.

Pure Source says:
We source our hemp from Industrial hemp farms that produce some of the richest, medicinal CBD hemp in the USA. Our cannabinoids are extracted using CO2 extraction to yield the highest grade, pesticide-free, Non-GMO hemp in the world. These Industrial Hemp Farms are fully compliant with the State Department of Agriculture regulations & are large US distributors of Medicinal Hemp, rich in CBD, CBG, CBC & CBN.

All Full Spectrum Products Contain 0.3% THC or Less.

Pure Source formulates with organically grown hemp oil as the base to increase the nutritional value of our CBD oils. Our CBD Hemp Oils are made by using the extracts from the WHOLE plant. This means the CBD oils contain ALL the synergistic Cannabinoids, Terpenoids, Essential Oils and other beneficial compounds of the original plant. This is then Suspended in Hemp Oil, a Medium Chain Triglyceride, (MCT) making the CBD highly bioavailable and easy for your body to absorb, which in turn, gives those who take it, fantastic results. 

CBD Collagen & Retinol Face Cream

Experience firmer, brighter skin like never before with this face cream. Formulated with pure CBD oil and retinol to boost skin cell turnover and to diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone. Infused with powerful peptides and pure CBD hemp oil to create the perfect recipe for fighting the signs of aging. Skin is left smoother and revitalized.

Brightens the skin
Helps to reduce visible pores
Helps repair appearance of UV damaged skin
Helps to reverse visible signs of aging 

 Hemp Intensive Relief Rub + 10% Emu Oil

Penetrate the toughest aches and sores with this relief rub. Made with 10% emu oil and a hemp intensive formula to create the perfect topical relief solution. Light-weight and absorbs great into the skin to bring a relieving sensation. 100% THC free. 

Healthy hair begins with a clean and healthy scalp! This shampoo is formulated with Broad Spectrum CBD and active AnaGain to encourage healthy, natural hair growth. Has 50mg of CBD and restores buoyancy and hydration to existing hair and the scalp. You will see a visual difference within weeks of regular use and hair will look stronger, thicker and more hydrated than ever before! Great for men and women experiencing hair loss and thinning hair. 

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Fall Nails - the perfect time for copper.

What can you do with a bottle of copper? Take a look. Easy fall nail designs that are so effective, and deceptively simple.

Paint nails white as the base.  Add your copper and dry brush some brown lines.

Paint nails with a clear polish, then the tips with your copper. Finish with a thin black line.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019


In the 7th century, Japanese monks visiting China to study Zen Buddhism returned home with their new discovery of green tea’s wonderful healing properties. In the following centuries, drinking green tea Matcha (Matcha is a high-grade green tea ground into powdered form. The green tea powder is whisked into hot water, instead of steeped, to form a frothy drink.) became a staple for Japanese monks, imbuing them with energy and mental focus that enhanced their meditation.

Today green tea extract and it's ground powder form, Matcha, are used in many beauty products, including masks, creams & lotions. Research has established that topical application of green tea leaves or extracts have many benefits for skin, including anti-aging properties. The polyphenols in green tea possess potent antioxidant and skin-soothing properties, and show significant promise for improving the appearance of sun-damaged skin. Its strong antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory properties show promise at slowing down the process of aging, repairing or improving the appearance of sun-damaged skin. ).
  • Green tea is chock full of Vitamin B2 and Vitamin E, both essential for skin health maintenance. B2 plays an essential role in maintaining collagen levels for youthful skin structure and firmness. Vitamin E supports new skin cell growth and also acts an intense hydrator for soft and nourished skin.
  • Caffeine and tannins in green tea help shrink blood vessels around the eyes, making it a miracle for treating puffy eyes and dark circles.
  • Green tea leaf fibers are proven to stimulate hair growth, thanks to catechins and polyphenols stimulating cell turnover in hair follicles.
  • Green tea has anti-inflammatory properties, thanks to its high content of polyphenols called catechins. The catechins in green tea reduce irritation, redness, and swelling.
  • Green tea is powerful antibacterial agent for treating acne and unclogging pores. Polyphenols in green tea damage bacterial membranes and fight against infection, meaning that it’s a useful tool for treating bacterial growth that causes acne. It helps kill systemic bacterial inflammation for smoother, toned skin.

If you’re looking for green tea in your personal care products it may be listed by its Latin name, cameillia sinesis. It is a gentle antioxidant that is among the most well researched and impressive in terms of its many benefits.

    Tuesday, November 12, 2019

    Desert waves in less than 5 minutes!

    Have a flat iron and five minutes?  Then your ready to create desert waves.  So simple, once you know the trick.  Redken shows you how.

    Sunday, November 10, 2019

    WHAT'S NEW this week?

    Now in fun new prints!

    If you haven't used make-up eraser, then you are in for a treat! It removes your makeup with ease. A make-up removal cloth that uses only water to promote the health of the skin. The Makeup Eraser lasts 1000 washes and eliminates your need to buy product to remove makeup and debris. Gently removes waterproof eyeliner, mascara, and much more! Machine washable and leaves no makeup stains behind. Great for all skin types.

    Now in Tropical, Midnight Kisses, and Morning Kisses.  Love them all!  Give them as gifts!


    Add intense, glossy shine to your hair with this shine spray. A spray that lights up your style with exquisite shine. Non-greasy, non-drying, non-sticky and won't collapse or weigh down your hair. 

    Saturday, November 9, 2019

    The Shampoo Massage

    Shampoo is the first step in beauty treatment for your hair: it clears away the impurities that can give hair a dull appearance.  It's also the time to give your scalp a massage - a massage will encourage circulation & invigorate your scalp, as well as relax away tension.  Follow these 3 steps for the best shampoo massage.  You and your scalp will feel great!
    1. Spread shampoo evenly. Work through your hair methodically: the top, then the sides and the back of the head. Ruffle your hair with your palms and fingertips, then massage your scalp and the length of your hair to help spread the shampoo thoroughly throughout your hair. 
    2. Massage your scalp energetically with your fingertips in a small circular motion. Move from the sides to the top of your head. 
    3. To help massage the scalp, firmly push your fingertips through your hair without lifting them up. Move from the front to the back and from the sides towards the top of your head. Applying continuous pressure with your fingertips helps to stretch your muscles out and relax the scalp. Don't forget the back of your head which can be home to stress and muscular tension.

    Friday, November 8, 2019

    BRAND PROFILE: No Nothing

    Welcome to a more sensitive world with No Nothing! 


    Surprisingly many of us have sensitive skin or have experienced allergic reactions to cosmetic products. With the right kind of products, allergies and irritations can be controlled or avoided. To supply high quality products for this need, KC Professional has developed a sensitive range of hair products for styling as well as cleansing and conditioning hair and scalp.

    As the name of the range implies, No nothing products contain as few potentially sensitizing ingredients as possible, and to make everyone with a sensitive nose happy, all products are also 100% perfume-free. Their products are hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, unscented, paraben-free, colorant-free, gluten-free and soy-free. They are perfect for safely cleansing, conditioning and styling hair for the whole family – especially those who have sensitive skin or have developed fragrance hypersensitivity.

    The shampoos & conditioners have four formulas:  color, volume, repair and moisture.  The style and finish products include hairspray, non-aerosol free hairspray, mousse, heat protection spray & dry shampoo.

    No Nothing Moisture Mist does wonders for dry hair, providing heat protection, moisture, and helps prevent static. 

    Thursday, November 7, 2019

    Get the natural look in 3 minutes or less!

    Love the natural look?  Want to wear just a simple make-up look that takes less than 3 minutes?  Jane Iredale's Pure & Simple Kits are just what you are looking for!  These kits contain just what you need for a natural make-up look.  They come in kits for light, medium light, medium, medium dark and dark skin tones.  They are also perfect for teens who are just starting to wear make-up!

    What's in the kit:
    • Anti-oxidant rich PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation is sheer, matte, oil free and weightless.
    • A little swirl of PurePressed Blush across cheeks will highlight with a soft wash of natural looking color.
    • Enhance the color and shape of eyes with long-lasting, crease-resistant PurePressed Eye Shadow. Used wet or dry, it's totally gentle and safe for sensitive eyes.
    • Go rosy with Just Kissed Lip and Cheek Stain. Rich in natural botanicals, the formula is loaded with Olive and Avocado oils plus Rose Flower Wax & Beeswax so you can kiss dull, dry lips goodbye.
    Watch how simple & effective!    Buy Now!

    Wednesday, November 6, 2019

    BEAUTY SCIENCE: Cetyl Alcohol

    Cetyl alcohol is very different from “regular” alcohols, like ethanol. It’s a white, waxy substance  found in animals and plants, like coconut and palm oil. It can also be made in a laboratory. The chemical makeup of cetearyl alcohol is different from more commonly known alcohols. In cetearyl alcohol, the alcohol group (-OH) is attached to a very long chain of hydrocarbons (fats). This feature allows fatty alcohols to trap water and provides a soothing feel to the skin.

    In personal care products like skin lotions and creams, cetyl alcohol serves as a thickening agent and emulsifier (An emulsion is a mixture of two or more liquids that are normally immiscible (unmixable or unblendable).), to help keep product ingredients from separating. Because cetyl alcohol melts at temperatures higher than the average human body temperature, it is useful in cosmetic products like lipsticks, helping lip color adhere to the skin.

    For nearly 30 years, a Cosmetic Ingredient Review (CIR) expert scientific panel has stated that cetyl alcohol is safe for use as cosmetic ingredients. In 2005, CIR considered available new data and reaffirmed its original safety conclusion.

    Tuesday, November 5, 2019

    False Eyelashes - Trending Now!

    Everywhere you look familiar faces are now suddenly making do a double take. Big, bold lashes are making a statement. If are wanting those "look-at-me-lashes," then it's time to invest in a great pair of false eyelashes. It doesn't matter if you want to give your lash line a little boost with a natural-looking set or prefer the look of over-the-top dramatic lashes, false lashes can create the look.  No more clumping mascara or pinching lashes with the curler, and no more mascara running down your cheek.

    You have lots of choices with lashes - strips, individual lashes, even magnetic lashes.  They are so easy and quick to apply once you get the hang of it, you won't just use them for special occasions.  You may end up with a couple of styles - a wispy everyday look and a pair for a dramatic evening out. 

    No need to search further than Beauty Care Choices to make your selection.  We carry two of the very best - Ardell and I-Envy.  

    Monday, November 4, 2019

    Here come the holidays!

    We'll we reminded you the first of last month! Now we have 24 days to Thanksgiving, 47 days before Hanukkah will begin and 50 days before Christmas.  Hopefully you have your lists ready!  What lists you ask?
    • The Thanksgiving Menu
    • The Christmas or Hanukkah Dinner Menu
    • The special foods shopping lists
    • The "extras" list of traditional items you make, bake, or do for the holidays.
    • Your holiday gift list - at least a list of who you give to, along with some idea of what you want to give.
    We'll we can't help you with the first four, but Beauty Care Choices is ready to assist with your gift-giving list.  We have everything from the best styling tools to special beauty gift kits to stocking stuffers.  Take a look!

    Sunday, November 3, 2019

    WHAT'S NEW this week?

    It's all about your feet with Footlogix!  Lovely, velvety mousses for dry cracked heels, rough skin, sweaty feet & more.  Plus shoe deodorant, anti-fungal toe tincture spray, a tired leg mousse and a foot soak concentrate.  If you have feet issues, then Footlogix is what you want.  Shop now!

    Avanti Titanium Wet to Dry Flat Iron

    Deliver ultimate styling results with this wet to dry flat iron. Designed with an EasyFlex hinge that requires less force to close, reducing stress on the wrist and hand. Gives your greater control and stability during styling with more ease and comfort. Has a 23-degree plate opening versus a traditional 12-degree opening to offer faster, easier placement of hair sections during straightening. Great for all hair types.
    Buy now!