Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Let the fun begin!

We've just turned the page on the calendar (at least those of us who still have an actual paper calendar)!  What's the first thing we notice...Halloween.  It's 30 days away.  That makes Thanksgiving 58 days from now.  And Christmas...well, we've got 85 days to get prepared!

October 1 is the perfect time to start your lists.  It is also the perfect time to think about YOU.  Especially if you're the one!  The one who plans the party, the one who prepares the perfect meal, the one who shops for the perfect gifts, the one who stuffs the bird and the stockings.  And you have kids and/or work, a husband, a dog, parents, and everyone else who depends on you.   YIKES! is it January 2nd yet!

October 1 is also the perfect time to think about YOU.  While you are getting a jump on the holiday season, take a few minutes and shop for a few things that will smooth and soothe you when things get a little hectic.  Create yourself a "JUST ME" basket with a couple of face masks, some bath bombs, a hair mask and a good moisturizing scrub.  You might want to include a couple of candles.  Then, remember to use your basket's goodies and take an hour for yourself a few times during these next three months.

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