Monday, October 21, 2019

Elegant Braided Updo

Updo's and Holidays just go together.  In this video CHI shows you how to create a gorgeous braided updo that is both elegant and fun!

Sunday, October 20, 2019

WHAT'S NEW this week?

Treat problem hair with this miracle fixer.  An elixir designed to perform in 8 different functions. Rids the hair of any residue to leave it in optimum condition. Hair is left clean and pure!
  • Removes topical build-up, water soluble stylers and soap film.
  • Provides clarity prior to perming.
  • Volumizes fine and thinning hair.
  • Eliminates chemical odors.
  • Balances and eliminates oily scalp.
  • Detoxifies and purifies.
  • Serves as a waterless shampoo.
  • Removes organic stains such as wine, blood, grape juice and chocolate.

Lava Curl Shot

Get curls that will last all day with this curl shot iron. An ergonomic curling iron that allows you to style the hair with less tension on the shoulders, wrist and elbows. Made with heat conducting volcanic lava to give you voluminous, shiny curls. Heat damage is reduced by the ability to reduce lower temperature settings.

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Think Pink

Did you know "Think Pink" originated right here where Beauty Care Choices is located. Dr. Michael Figueroa, Oncologist of Solace Cancer Care, Carol Lake of the American Cancer Society – Northern California Unit, and Melody Christenson of MD Imaging began the campaign with just 500 free bags being handed out to the public. Today, 40,000 Think Pink bags are distributed to over 30 surrounding communities in our area each year on Think Pink Day!

This picture is of the Sacramento River and Redding's Sundial Bridge. 
 (Courtesy Dr. Adam Attoun from MD imaging)

Early detection of breast cancer is the best defense.  Talk to your doctor about when to schedule your mammogram...then get it done!  

Friday, October 18, 2019

BRAND PROFILE: Pureland Beauty

Notice all the icons.  Pureland Beauty is everything you want it hair care and nothing you don't.  These organic, vegan products are free of fragrance, artificial color, parabens, sulfates & are cruelty free and eco-friendly.

Pureland Beauty is all about the purity of their plant-based products for hair and skin. Well known for their "Natural Farming" techniques, Pureland Beauty only grows there conditioning botanicals on land that contains no GMO's, no pesticides, no weed killers and no chemical fertilizers. In doing this, Pureland Beauty can ensure that their plant-based products contain no chemical impurities to keep your hair and skin safe, healthy and naturally beautiful. 
What are the all natural, healthy ingredients for your hair?  PURELAND product labels detail each ingredient and how they naturally enrich your hair and skin.

Their Color Safe “Cleansing Dews” (shampoo) are thinner than traditional shampoos because we do not use man-made thickeners or emulsifiers. The SAPONARIA botanical is the astonishing all-natural foaming wash extract that makes all the healthy difference, much healthier than chemically based lathering agents found in so many shampoos.

Hydrosol is the water that is created during the distilling process of essential oils and botanicals. As the oil or botanical nutrient is distilled from the plant, steam builds turning to nutrient rich water that is full of healthy, conditioning natural extracts. Hydrosol is the water PURELAND uses as its base for the natural healing botanical extracts and essential oils added to each specialized product. Revolutionary water (Hydrosol) for All-Natural Healthy Hair Care!

Each bottle is boxed in recycled paper and has a dispensing pump that has a stop tab that needs to be removed before use. The pump delivers a very small amount of product because the longer you use a PURELAND product the less it takes to achieve desired results.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Elbows & Knees

Just like our face may have a T-zone, our body has elbows and knees! Since these areas of our skin have less oil glands, they tend to be the driest, and can get rough and discolored. Keeping these areas looking smooth & supple takes a little extra effort and a little more pampering.

First, Exfoliate!
We can't stress enough about the importance of exfoliation to your body, it actually does wonders. Exfoliation whether by dry brushing or using a body scrub helps your skin stay smooth by removing the dead cells and increasing your blood circulation, resulting in a healthy and glowing skin. Use a loofah or a brush in circular motion while showering to get rid of rough elbows and knees, you will feel the difference after a couple of times.

Keep them Moisturized!
Elbows and Knees need a little more moisture than the rest of your skin.  It's essential that you drink at least eight glasses of water per day to maintain a healthy skin, but you should back that up by applying cream or oil to your elbows and knees on a daily basis to get rid of any rough skin.  You may even want to invest it a more intensive cream for these areas and keep it by your bed side so remember to apply it daily.

A little tip - lemon!
Lemon has the ability to lighten dark skin spots and remove dead cells. The easiest way is to cut a lemon in half and rub it onto your elbows and knees for 10 minutes then wash it off thoroughly and apply a moisturizer.  NEVER rub an area that is cracked or where skin is broken.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019


The Borage plant (Borago officinalis) flowers, leaves and oil made from its seeds are used in skin care products & medicines.  

Notable for its star-shaped blue flowers, this large plant is indigenous to North Africa and Europe and has since been naturalized to North America. Aptly nicknamed “starflower,” the plant’s herbal parts are edible.

Borage seed oil contains a fatty acid called gamma linolenic acid (GLA). GLA seems to have anti-inflammatory effects. Borage flower might have an antioxidant effect.

GLA is a  type of omega-6 fatty acid and is excellent at improving our skin’s essential protective barrier.  In fact, borage oil has over double the GLA of evening primrose oil – an oil commonly associated with potent levels.

Borage seed oil is being used to treat all kinds of skin inflammation including eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and rosacea. If you’re just feeling dry, you’ll love its calming, nourishing, redness-erasing prowess. It’s also useful in helping tackle stretch marks and acne (it’s lighter than many other oils so won’t leave your face feeling greasy).

Borage seed oil is also being researched as an oral medication.  It shows a great deal of promise in reducing inflammation throughout your body. Inflammation is one of the underlying causes of numerous conditions, including eczema and cardiovascular disease. Such effects, however, aren’t entirely conclusive. Use caution with borage oil and speak to a doctor or pharmacist before use.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Choosing the right Conditioner

Technically, a hair conditioner is a hair care product, which alters the texture and appearance of human hair. Conditioners are used to give the hair extra care and nourishment, especially after a thorough shampooing. The primary function of a conditioner is to replace the sebum, which is lost from the hair after shampooing. For decades, natural oils have been used to condition human hair. These oils are used still in use today and include essential oils like tea tree oil and carrier oils such as jojoba.

Macassar oil was a popular conditioner in the late Victorian era, however it was quite greasy and required pinning a small cloth, called as antimacassar, to chairs and sofas to protect the upholstery from being damaged by the greasy Macassar oil. Modern hair conditioner was formulated and developed at the turn of century, when a renowned perfumer Ed. Pinaud presented a product that he called brilliantine at the 1900 Exposition Universelle in Paris. The product was formulated to soften men's hair.

Conditioners are generally acidic, as low pH adds a proton to a molecule of the amino acids, which in turn provides positive charge to hair and as a result more hydrogen bonds between the keratin scales which gives the hair a more compact structure. Conditioners are generally formulated using organic acids like citric acid to maintain acidity.

So, what type of conditioner should you use?

Fine, flat hair.
Use volumizing conditioner on fine, flat hair. If you have straight, silky hair with no frizzing problems, you want a conditioner that's going to add some much-needed texture to hair that might otherwise seem to just hang from your head. Volumizing conditioner is lighter than a regular formula, and doesn't add extra weight to hair when used regularly. 
  • People with fine, flat hair should never use smoothing conditioners; these heavy products will make your hair hang even more flatly.
Wavy Hair.
Look for a light-weight moisturizing conditioner. Wavy hair can be hard to work with — in humid weather it can frizz out of control, and in dry weather it can grow limp. The more curl there is in a strand of hair, the dryer the end of the strand gets, because it's hard for the natural oils from the scalp to wind their way down a curled strand than a straight one. Although wavy hair doesn't tend to be as dry as curly hair, you still need a moisturizing conditioner to stand in for those oils that aren't making their way down to the tips of your hair.   Just be sure it is a lightweight moisture and apply mostly to the ends of hair.

Thick, Curly Hair.
You need deep-hydrating conditioner. The curlier the hair, the dryer it gets. If you have thick, curly hair, odds are that without a deep-hydrating conditioner to make up for the lack of oils making their way from the scalp to the tip of the strand, you'll have dry, dull hair with a tendency to frizz.
Look for conditioners labeled as “deep hydrating” or for curly hair specifically.
You should also consider using a leave-in conditioning mask on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. These conditioners are meant to be left in your hair for 10-15 minutes, then washed out like regular conditioner. With regular use, you should see a significant change in the way your curls hold together rather than frizzing away. 

African-American Hair.
Protect the intense curl with a deep-hydrating conditioner or oil-based products. The right conditioning product can make even the curliest hair shiny and healthy. Products with shea butter or various types of oils — from coconut oil to the more expensive Moroccan argan oil — are a good bet.

Dyed Hair.
Use color-safe or color-depositing conditioner if you dye your hair. As time passes after your initial dye application, you'll notice that the dye in your hair will get washed away by your showers. To keep the color vibrant for as long as possible, you'll want to choose an appropriate conditioner.
It's the water, not the conditioner, that washes the dye from your hair when you shower.
However, color-safe conditioners seal hair cuticles, allowing your hair to hold onto the dye for a longer period of time. Look for packaging that advertises products as “color safe,” “color extend,” “color care,” or “sulfate-free.” 
  • Color-depositing conditioners actually deposits a small amount of color each time it's applied in the shower, not only maintaining the richness of the original color, but also hiding the roots that emerge as your hair grows out for a period of time.
Use a light, fragrance-free conditioner. Dandruff is a scalp issue, not a hair issue; the skin on your scalp grows and dies at a faster rate than in people without dandruff, leaving an embarrassing flaky white residue in your hair and on your shoulders. The shampoo you choose will have more of an effect on your dandruff than your conditioner, but there are still many products on the market geared toward treating this condition. Look for lighter conditioners rather than high-moisturizing or oil-heavy ones that can contribute to the problem on your scalp. Hair products with heavy fragrances often irritate the scalp, which leads to more itching, and more evidence of your dandruff on your clothes. Avoid heavily perfumed conditioners.

The Bottom Line
Think about your hair, how you are feeling, what you are eating and any medications you are taking when choosing your hair conditioner.  All of these can affect the look and feel of your hair.  Sometimes it's best to alternate conditioners and sometimes it's best to skip the conditioner altogether!  Think about conditioning before shampooing or co-pooing.  You know your hair best.  There are so many options available.

Monday, October 14, 2019

That Pesky Cowlick

Cowlicks!  They can be so frustrating! Unfortunately, almost everyone has one in one place or another!   A cowlick is a section of hair that stands straight up or hair that grows in a spiral pattern.  The most common place for cowlicks is at the crown of the head.  On top of the head hair grows to the front, on the back of the head it grows towards the nape and hair grows to the left and right side of the head on the sides of the head.  A cowlick's spiral pattern is likely caused because hair gets confused about whether it needs to go forward, backward, or to the side, and some hairs get caught in between creating that characteristic whorl. The hair whorl can be in the center of the head but it can also be located to the left or right side of the head. In the very center of the scalp it will be visible because the hair lies flat.  The second most common place is along the front hairline.  Here the whorl of hair growth is generally less pronounced, so hair seems to stand straight up.  (Fun Fact:  In people who are right handed, at least 90% of cowlicks have a clockwise rotation while about 10% go in a counterclockwise direction.  Left-handed people generally have a counter-clockwise rotation.)

Depending on how resistant your hair type is and how stubborn your cowlick choses to be, we’ve listed our favorite ways to conquer the cowlick! If one doesn’t work for you, try another or a combination of a few — something is bound to work, we promise!

Blow Dry Away from the Cowlick Pattern: You’ve probably already tried to train your re-train hair while blow drying, but when it comes to cowlicks, technique is key. Drying cowlicks should be done IMMEDIATELY after you wash your hair. Letting the hair dry naturally, even just slightly, before blow drying allows the cowlick to start to “take it’s form.” Eliminate this by blow drying at least that section while your hair is still sopping wet. Use a firm grip brush and work this section back and forth, mostly away from the growth or “grain” and be sure to follow this up with a cool shot button.

Use a Root Lifter: Root lifters are the perfect hair styling product for anyone who suffers from cowlicks. We recommend a mousse-based root lifter that sprays directly onto the root area. This can be used by itself to tame less stubborn cowlicks or in combination with blow drying for the extra stubborn growth patterns!

Cure Hair with a Keratin Treatment: Some may call this the cheaters way out, but we call it staying sane! If you have had enough of your battle and are tired of feeling defeated, try getting a smoothing treatment applied to just that area, or your whole head if you want to make your styling process really easy! Using a smoothing treatment will seal the hair in place for 4-6 weeks at a time, or until you have new growth. This is definitely worth it — especially in the humid months of summer! Not to mention, if you stick to applying the treatment just to your problem area, it won’t be costly at all!

Tease to Prevent Separation
: This is obviously a more temporary solution, but it’s the perfect way to cover cowlicks on the back of the head or directly on the part. Not only will it help to blend in any unsightly parts, but it will give you a crazy boost in volume. Not a bad side effect if you ask me!

When All Else Fails, Embrace it!
If you’re cowlick is too stubborn to response to these helpful hacks, it might be time to switch up your style to one that works more naturally with your cowlick. If your cowlick is on your hairline or part, find a style that will move with your cowlick and start to train the rest of your hair to move that way. After all, cowlicks are the hardest hair to “retrain,” so starting fresh with the rest of your hair might be a lot easier!

Sunday, October 13, 2019

WHAT'S NEW this week?

Wake-Up Face Mist
Energize your skin on the go with this face mist. An invigorating CBD face mist that is designed to tone the skin and tighten pores. Made with protective properties, cucumber and vitamin C to wake up the skin while folic acid fights environmental toxins. Infused with witch hazel to improve the appearance of blemishes and dark spots.

Detox & Renew Night Mask 
Detox the night away with this night mask. A CBD night face cream that is packed with acai berry and vitamins A, B, C and E to heal damaged skin and restore lost moisture. Revives the skin and prevents wrinkles and fine lines while helping cell regeneration. Keeps the skin protected against environmental stressors and pollutants.

Good Vibes Relief Roller

Show your muscles some love with this relief roller. Made with a fast-acting combination of CBD, magnesium and lavender to ease muscle tension and reduce inflammation. Relaxes the body, leaving it soothed and revitalized.

Just Chill Body Oil

Relax and unwind with this body oil. Made with a calming combination of CBD, apricot oil and vitamin E to ease muscle tension and reduce inflammation. Leaves the skin soothed with a revitalized sensation.

Going Up! Volumizing Texture Spray
Separate and define your curls with this texture spray. Formulated with non-drying raw silk powders to give your curls the perfect amount of texture and grit. Builds amazing volume while keeping the curls soft and smooth all day long. Will not dry out hair or cause frizz and works great on all curly hair types.

Revive & Shine Rejuvenating Dry Oil Mist
Soften and moisturize your curls with intense nourishment with this oil mist. A restorative dry oil that keeps your curls soft and lush with a gleaming shine. Infused with Mongongo and Watermelon Seed oil to absorb instantly into the hair without wetting the curls or weighing the hair down. Great for reviving curls in-between washes. Hair is left frizz-free and resistant to breakage.

Clean Sweep Moisturizing Dry Shampoo
Cleanse, refresh and don't leave a trace behind with this dry shampoo! Designed as a part dry shampoo and part conditioner to quickly cleanse the hair while absorbing product build-up and excess oils without wetting the hair. Gives the curls their bounce back and is great for freshening up in-between washes.

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Easy Hair Styling Tricks

1. Tame frizz with a toothbrush and hairspray.
Using hairspray to control frizz is a delicate balancing act: use too little and it doesn’t make much difference, but spray too generously and you’ll end up with unpleasantly stiff hair. In order to make sure you have just the right amount to tame frizz, spray an old toothbrush with hairspray and run it over those pesky flyaway strands. It’ll hold your hair in place without turning it into a helmet.

2. Use dry shampoo before you go to bed.

If your hair needs a wash but you know you won’t have time to do that before work or school in the morning, apply dry shampoo before your head hits the pillow at night. The shampoo will work itself into your strands overnight, resulting in clean, healthy-looking hair in the morning.

3. When curling, start with the middle of your hair.

To get full, long-lasting waves using a curling iron, start from the middle instead of the end of your hair. This helps your hair stay wavy for longer.

4. Keep your bobby pins in place with hairspray.
If you have sleek, straight hair that bobby pins usually slide right through, spread out your bobby pins on a towel and spray them with either hairspray or dry shampoo. Carefully pick up the towel by the corners and shake it a bit in order to evenly distribute the hairspray or dry shampoo on your bobby pins, then style your hair and rest easy knowing the bobby pins won’t slip out.

5. Use aluminum foil to help curl straight hair.

For anyone whose hair has trouble holding a curl, try dividing your hair into segments, curling each segment around your finger, and folding it up into aluminum foil squares (the size of the squares will depend on the size of the waves you want). Heat each piece of foil for about 20–45 seconds, wait for the foil to cool, and remove. Use hairspray to hold hair in place if necessary, but in many cases, you’ll find that the curls hold all day.

6. Get volume overnight.
Wash your hair the night before you want to get a voluminous look, add a little volumizing gel, and twist it up into a bun on top of your head before you go to bed (wear a beanie over your hair if you’re worried about frizz). The next morning, blow dry your hair while still in the bun for a couple minutes, then let your now-bouncy hair down.

Friday, October 11, 2019


Zerran International Corporation has manufactured and distributed Zerran Hair Care products to the global salon industry since 1986. Cultivating centuries-old botanical tradition enhanced by intensive modern science, all products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free and do not contain perfumes or sulfates to help with sensitive skin. If you're looking for a brand that is all natural and ensures quality the Zerran is the right brand!

Zerran products contain the highest quality aroma therapeutic oils such as ylang-ylang, peppermint, tangerine and geranium in order to complete the soothing and uplifting beauty experience.

Botanum Shampoo is a 100% vegan and paraben free product for hair that has been chemically processed with tints, bleach, colors and permanents. It will give hair back its shine and manageability with Macadamia nut oil and wheat germ oil.  Contains natural soy proteins for manageability.

Add a dazzling diamond shine to your hair with Radiant Diamond Mist. It will nurture your hair and give you unrivaled glossy sparkle!

  • Dazzling Diamond micro-particles are what makes this shine finisher truly phenomenal. This weightless, alcohol-free micro-mist gives your crowning glory unrivaled glossy sparkle without heaviness, while vegan moisturizers secretly nurture every strand. Scented with essential oils; never tested on animals. Gorgeous, Naturally.  Formulated with real diamonds. 

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Time saving, gorgeous matte finish!

Love a flawless, matte finish on your face.  Want it to also be good for your skin?  Need it to be quick and easy?  We have the answer - Jane Iredale's Beyond Matte Liquid FoundationThis is a 3-in-1 product - primer, concealer and foundation.  It contains no parabens, phthalates, artificial dyes, heavy metals and is vegan and cruelty free!  Plus it comes in 18 shades.  Take a look!

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

BEAUTY SCIENCE: Penetrating the skin's outer surface

The top layer of our skin is a strong protector against chemicals, bacteria, UV radiation, and loss of moisture, which prevents ingredients from entering and moisture from leaving the skin.  Many skin care products are meant to remain in/on this outer layer to help retain moisture and protect the skin surface.

Our skin is made up of a number of cell layers and some ingredients can penetrate deep into those layers. If you want your product to go below the surface of skin, you want something that penetrates. There are plenty ingredients that penetrate the skin outer layer, but in the U.S. it is required to be a drug if it actually does that. In order for products to penetrate the skin, an emulsifier (ingredient that holds others together) is typically used to encapsulate the ingredient and deliver the molecules. 

Skin-care ingredients such as vitamin C and retinol (vitamin A) have very small molecules and, therefore, the ability to penetrate the top layer of skin. Even these ingredients are impacted by things like correct pH level, increasing the atmospheric pressure and the temperature all affect the penetration of an ingredient.

Terms like “nanotechnology” and “microspheres” aren’t just fancy-sounding scientific words—these are the key indicators that let you know how a product is being delivered into your skin. Liposomes and niosomes are used  to deliver skin penetrating ingredients.  (Microencapsulation is the process used: an active ingredient is encased by microscopic capsules or spheres, to preserve the active molecule’s stability, facilitate a controlled release, and enhance penetration through the skin. Certain biologically-active ingredients are fragile and unstable (such as molecules that break down when exposed to light or air). This encapsulation process protects them, and ensures their potency.)
Many ingredients need a special delivery system, but it’s mainly those that are more unstable like retinol, vitamins or certain delicate botanical extracts So what doesn’t need it? Peptides - they are already tiny (peptides are amino acid chains or parts of proteins); essential oils, as they are absorbed via the hair and sebaceous follicle; and hydroxy acids might not require encapsulation. In addition antioxidants are meant to stay on the top layer of the skin, where their action is needed.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Repair Nail Damage

Are you nails damaged from gels, artificial nails?  Are they cracked or peeling?  Nail Tek has the solution with their Nail Recovery Kit.  It's 3 easy steps all in one kit.
  • Foundation 2 Ridge-Filler For Soft Peeling Nails.
  • Intensive Therapy 2 For Soft Peeling Nails.
  • Renew - Natural Cuticle Oil.

Monday, October 7, 2019

Aging Skin? Avoid these make-up mistakes

Using shimmer on your eyes

While a little shimmer on the eyelid may feel like a good idea, if you’re concerned about adding years to your face, this is a no-go. Shimmery eyeshadow in the crease and on the brow bone of mature eyes will accentuate wrinkles. So, what’s the alternative? Instead, try using a matte shadow in the crease, and a little shimmer on the smoothest part of the eyelid to make them pop and appear brighter.

Applying your blush too high on your cheekbones

Though you often hear that highlighting your cheekbones with a little color can accent your bone structure, putting your blush too high can actually add years to your face.  Sweeping stripes of blush all the way up the cheekbone to the temple is a sure way to show your age. Instead, try tapping cream blush on the apples of the cheeks, and blend with a brush or fingertips out to cheekbones. This will bring some natural looking warmth, which is flattering at any age.

Overdrawing your eyebrows

There’s no denying that the days of pencil-thin brows have come and gone and that full, lush eyebrows are in. That said, adding too much pencil to your brows may give you the opposite of the youthful.  It is certainly okay to use an eyebrow pencil, but it must be applied properly. Avoid drawing two lines in the shape of eyebrows, as this is a very outdated look. Instead, use a sharpened brow pencil to lightly draw hair-like strokes along the brow’s natural shape to fill in sparse areas and to coat grey or white follicles.  And if you’re worried about overdoing it with a pencil product, there are other options out there: “Powder and a flat angled brush could also be used. Finish by brushing through with a clean spoolie brush.

Not moisturizing your lips  

One surprising way you’re giving away your age? Not taking proper care of your lips before applying lip products. The good news? Keeping a moisturizing lip balm on hand can help you get the flawless canvas you wanted.  When lips are dry they look dehydrated, wrinkled, and deflated. Dry lips could also crack and flake, which does not look nice at any age.  A daily lip balm will instantly brighten, smooth, soften, and plump lips back to a pouty pucker.

Avoiding lip liner

Though many people have negative associations with over-lined lips, choosing a lip liner in a hue that matches your lips can help define your mouth and keep your makeup in place. Mature lips tend to have faded edges, causing lipstick to go on unevenly. This could look off-balance and even a little sloppy, as it will quickly travel outside the shape of the mouth. For a clean application, first, use a lip pencil in the shade of your natural lip tone—not the lipstick color—and even out the shape of the lip border. Use the pencil to fill in the entire mouth and then apply lipstick on top.

Relying on powder blush and shadow

While powder formulas may have been stalwarts in your earlier years, sticking to powder blush and shadow as you age could be making you look older than you actually are. If your skin is getting drier, you could benefit from the added moisture in a cream blush. A cream shadow may appear softer and more natural on your lids as you age.

Sunday, October 6, 2019

WHAT'S NEW this week?

SuperSheer Clean Shampoo

Get feather-light, super clean hair with this shampoo & conditioner. Created exclusively for color-treated hair to provide superior color protection. Powered by natural bio-actives to deliver super clean, radiant results.

Has ZERO silicones, ZERO fragrance, ZERO sulfates and is 100% vegan.

Soap Fragrance Originale  

If your skin is in need of hydration, look no further. This gentle and effective body bar is combined with antioxidant-rich argan oil, aloe leaf extract and shea butter to moisturize the skin as it cleanses. Delicately scented with the signature Moroccanoil scent and is both sulfate and paraben-free.

Detoxifying System
Purifying Bonding Shampoo

Clarify you hair with this purifying shampoo. Designed to remove mineral build-up and outer layer impurities such as dust, styling products and hard water minerals to keep the hair vibrant and healthy. Revives dull, brassy blondes to leave the hair bright and luscious.

Detoxifying System Bi-Phase Bonding & Protecting Spray
Nourish and protect your blonde hair with this protecting spray. A daily spray that creates a hydrophobic film that seals the hair to protect it from environmental aggressors such as dust and hard water residue. Works great for all blonde hair types.

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Choosing a Scrub: Salt vs. Sugar

Sugar and salt scrubs offer great exfoliation as well as a variety of other benefits for your skin. But many people are unsure what the difference is between the two or why you would use one over the other. Below, we explain the difference.
Salt Scrubs
Salt scrubs are typically made with some type of sea salt (Dead Sea or European Spa salts) or Epsom salts and a combination of oils. While normal table salt does exfoliate as well, sea salts and Epsom salts have the added benefit of minerals like magnesium and potassium that are great for your skin. They can also help reduce inflammation, which relieves sore muscles, arthritis, and tension. All of this contributes to a healthier, more relaxing scrub that has benefits beyond just exfoliation.

The other main difference between salt and sugar in a scrub is that salt is naturally more abrasive, making it a stronger exfoliant. Even fine salt tends to have sharper edges than sugar granules, which makes it great for dry areas with lots of dead skin like your feet and elbows. Some people may find that salt irritates their skin, and you’ll want to avoid rubbing your salt scrub on any cuts because it definitely stings! Even so, when you need strong exfoliation, salt is the best choice. You can prevent irritation by using a finer grade salt and using your salt scrubs about once a week instead of 2-3 times a week.

Sugar Scrubs

Unlike salt, most sugar has small granules with relatively smooth edges, so while it offers exfoliation, it won’t be quite as strong. This is perfect for people with sensitive skin, though, and it’s great if you want to use your scrub a few times a week. Sugar scrubs are great for use on your face and other more sensitive areas.

Unlike salt scrubs, however, sugar doesn’t offer the same minerals and benefits. It exfoliates and leaves your skin feeling great but without the added relief from sore muscles and inflammation. Many people still love sugar scrubs and prefer them over salt scrubs. Just be sure to take all the aspects of each one into consideration before making your choice!
We have them for face to feet and everything in between!

Friday, October 4, 2019

BRAND PROFILE: Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics

Youngblood Mineral Cosmetic line is made with natural minerals without any chemicals, dyes, or preservatives to help prevent skin irritation. Youngblood products are good for all skin types and contain natural sun protectants. All products are long- lasting, undetectable and provide a flawless finish while still giving off a healthy glow. If you want a makeup brand that is made with all natural ingredients to give you a flawless makeup look then Youngblood Mineral Cosmetic line is the choice for you!

Creator of Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics, Pauline Youngblood, shares her story.

For over 20 years I have sought to create the cleanest luxury beauty products in the world. Inspired by the treatments I provided during my time as a medical aesthetician and the need for makeup so natural that it could be worn after treatment. For me, clean luxury means sparing no expense to ensure ultimate performance with the most natural ingredients. As you can imagine, 20 years ago it wasn't so easy, and it wasn't so trendy. Today even as the very first clean luxury cosmetic brand we continue to raise the bar and stay at the forefront of clean beauty. I personally review every formula and work alongside the best chemists in the world to make sure we deliver healthy, natural, and superior products that help every woman be her best self.

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Temporary or Semi-Permanent Hair Color

Want to add a little pizazz to your hair without a big commitment or expensive maintenance?  Temporary or Semi-Permanent Hair Colors is your solution.  You can just enhance your actual color, create a little peek-a-boo fun or go wild.  See below to decide what type of formula you need, then:  Ready?  Go!

Temporary Hair Color:
These products are truly temporary, and are usually sold as color rinses. They're used most often to cover or mask gray hair, or to add a subtle (or even a bold) tone to your natural color. Temporary color sits on the outside of the cuticle and adds color to the surface of the hair. Temporary hair color won't take you from a darker shade to a lighter shade, but it can add some depth and richness to lighter hair.

Temporary colors rarely last beyond your next shampoo. Temporary hair color can be found in a variety of products: rinses which add color to the hair and are styled dry, color mousses which add subtle color tones, hair mascara for dramatic effects, spray on colors for controlled application, and even color-tinted shampoos and conditioners to add depth and longevity to colored hair.

Semi-Permanent Hair Color:

Semi-permanent color is designed to deposit color onto the hair only and has no lightening effect. The formula includes an activator that develops the color and helps to raise the cuticle of the hair shaft so that the color can be deposited there. Semi- permanent color doesn't penetrate into the cortex of the hair, but it will usually last from six to eight weeks (4-12 shampoos), gradually washing out with each shampoo.

Semi-permanent hair color can be used to deposit color over blonde or lightened hair; to blend (but not cover) grey; to refresh faded hair color; to correct hair color that has gone off-tone (turned brassy or ashy, for example) and to blend highlights with base hair color. A clear semi-permanent can also add shine and restore the luster of dull, damaged hair. Semi-permanent color may also be found in shampoos, conditioners and masks that can be used to maintain the tone of hair between salon visits.

Wednesday, October 2, 2019


You won't see it on a label, but it could be in your beauty products.

What is 1,4-dioxane?
1,4-dioxane is a trace contaminant in some cosmetic products.  1,4-dioxane forms as a by-product during the manufacturing process of certain cosmetic ingredients. These ingredients include certain detergents, foaming agents, emulsifiers and solvents identifiable by the prefix, word, or syllables "PEG," "Polyethylene," "Polyethylene glycol," "Polyoxyethylene," "-eth-," or "-oxynol-."

It is created through a process called ethoxylation, in which ethylene oxide, a known breast carcinogen, is added to other chemicals to make them less harsh. For example, sodium laurel sulfate, a chemical that is harsh on the skin, is often converted to the less-harsh chemical sodium laureth sulfate (the “eth” denotes ethoxylation). The conversion process can lead to contamination of this ingredient with 1,4-dioxane. Other common ingredients that may be contaminated by 1,4-dioxane include PEG compounds and chemicals that include the clauses “xynol,” “ceteareth” and “oleth”. Most commonly, 1,4-dioxane is found in products that create suds, like shampoo, liquid soap and bubble bath.

1,4-dioxane is a potential human carcinogen.
  The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has classified 1,4-dioxane as “likely to be carcinogenic to humans,” based on a finding of sufficient evidence of carcinogenicity in animals intentionally exposed to 1,4-dioxane but inadequate evidence of carcinogenicity in humans.

So, how to you avoid this harmful ingredient.  The FDA does not require 1,4-dioxane to be listed as an ingredient on product labels because the chemical is a contaminant produced during manufacturing. Without labeling, there is no way to know for certain whether a product contains 1,4,-dioxane, making it difficult for consumers to avoid it.

Alternative processes to ethoxylation do exist, but many companies don’t take advantage of them. Vacuum-stripping can remove 1,4-dioxane from an ethoxylated product, or manufacturers can skip ethoxylation entirely by using less-harsh ingredients to begin with.  A study by the Organic Consumers Association shows that 1,4-dioxane is nonexistent in a variety of cosmetics certified under the USDA National Organic Program. Therefore a good way to avoid exposure to this chemical is to buy products that have been certified under this program. Additionally, consumers can avoid products that contain sodium laureth sulfate, PEG compounds, and chemicals that include the clauses xynol, ceteareth and oleth.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Let the fun begin!

We've just turned the page on the calendar (at least those of us who still have an actual paper calendar)!  What's the first thing we notice...Halloween.  It's 30 days away.  That makes Thanksgiving 58 days from now.  And Christmas...well, we've got 85 days to get prepared!

October 1 is the perfect time to start your lists.  It is also the perfect time to think about YOU.  Especially if you're the one!  The one who plans the party, the one who prepares the perfect meal, the one who shops for the perfect gifts, the one who stuffs the bird and the stockings.  And you have kids and/or work, a husband, a dog, parents, and everyone else who depends on you.   YIKES! is it January 2nd yet!

October 1 is also the perfect time to think about YOU.  While you are getting a jump on the holiday season, take a few minutes and shop for a few things that will smooth and soothe you when things get a little hectic.  Create yourself a "JUST ME" basket with a couple of face masks, some bath bombs, a hair mask and a good moisturizing scrub.  You might want to include a couple of candles.  Then, remember to use your basket's goodies and take an hour for yourself a few times during these next three months.