Thursday, September 26, 2019

Selecting the Right Shampoo

There are so many formulas and types of shampoo, it can be hard to decide.  Your hair and scalp changes over time and you may need a different shampoo to meet your hair's current needs.  So, before you automatically select the same old shampoo you've been using for years, consider this:

Define Your Scalp Type
Before you choose shampoo, it's important to know what shampoo does, how to use it, and how that relates to your hair and scalp type. Shampoo is meant to clean your hair and scalp of dirt, oil, and styling products. While you might think of shampoo strictly as a hair-cleansing agent, it's equally important to consider your scalp when choosing a shampoo.

Think of it this way: 

Shampoo is for your scalp and roots, 
while conditioner is for the ends of your hair. 

  • If your scalp is oily and your ends are dry (a common combination), then you should choose a shampoo that is best suited for an oily scalp and leave the moisturizing up to your conditioner, which should be applied only to your dried ends.
  • Hydrating/moisturizing shampoo: great for adding moisture, shine, and smoothness to hair. Good for thick, curly, or coarse hair that lacks moisture.
  • Volumizing shampoo: excellent choice if your hair is fine or limp for an extra boost without weighing the hair down.
  • Strengthening/fortifying shampoo: good for damaged, over-processed, highlighted, weakened, or brittle hair. Usually contains extra protein to improve hair's condition.
  • Balancing shampoo: typically a nice middle-of-the-road option. Not too moisturizing, but won't dry your hair out.
  • Smoothing/straight hair shampoo: typically rich with extra moisturizers and smoothing agents that help seal the cuticle and provide a great start for straight and smooth styles.
  • Curly hair shampoo: very moisturizing and contains ingredients that reduce frizz without weighing down the curls.
  • Clarifying Shampoo:  designed to remove product build-up and clean hair thoroughly.  Everyone should have this type of shampoo and use it once every week or two.  Don't use it more than this or it will strip those strands of natural oils they need.

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