Thursday, August 8, 2019

Summer Melt-Proof Make-up

Applying make-up in the summer months can be risky business if you have to spend time in the outdoor heat during the day.  Nothing can ruin your beautiful face like raccoon eyes or streaky foundation.  Blotting papers in the purse are essential to say the least!  We've got a few tips for you to keep your make-up from melting in the summer sun. 

  • Always apply a primer as your first step.  It will keep your make-up fresh and enhance your complexion.  Apply with a sponge puff instead of your hands for a light, even touch.
  • Foundation will last longer if you choose a silicone-based one and, again, use a sponge puff to apply.
  • Use a cream eye shadow and cream blush during the summer will not only create a more natural look, but it doesn't cake as easily.
  • Waterproof products are your best friend.  If you don't have them, it's time to do a little shopping.  Water-proof mascara and eye liner are essential.  Don't forget to get a water-proof concealer if you use one.  You don't want the dark circles or blemish spots to suddenly reappear during the day!
  • Use a lip liner for your lips first to form the silhouette, then apply your lipstick.  Then powder your lips with your powder puff and apply lipstick again. 
  • Always, always apply SPF when you go out!  You want to keep your skin in good condition and protected as it faces the intense summer sun.

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