Saturday, August 10, 2019

Hot Rollers

When you think of hot rollers, do you think of big, puffy hair and other stuff like perfume atomizers, handheld mirrors and those big movie star powder puffs. They seemed dated in the age of texture spray and blowout bars dedicated to messing up your hair. But then, like with all trends, everything old becomes new again.  So what's the middle ground between looking like we'd primped for hours at our vanity in a silk robe and looking like we'd just rolled out of bed. Hot rollers!  

Hot rollers can be time savers too.  Instead of a curling iron, where you hold each curl, you can roll hair quickly and complete your make-up, get dressed, even eat breakfast while the rollers cool!

  • Start with smooth, dry hair.
  • Create texture & volume by applying mousse from roots to ends.
  • Apply a heat-protectant to the ends.  
  • Section hair evenly around the head using clips.
  • Hold the roller vertically and place it in the center to each section.  Then wrap the hair around it to the right.  Secure with a clip.  NOTE:  Rolling from the end up gives you a huge, heavy curl at the bottom.  Wrap hair around roller from top of section, if you don't want ends that are tight.
  • Let the rollers set until cool.
  • Remove the clip and gently slide the roller out of the coiled curl rather than pulling it down.
  • Lightly brush hair.
  • Skip the hairspray and mist a dry texturiziing spray throughout the hair.  Waves will be more modern, less sleek and perfect.

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