Saturday, August 24, 2019

Contouring for a thinner looking nose.

Everyone seems to have some feature they want to camouflage - even if no one sees the problem but them.  For those of you who think their nose is too big, use these steps to make your nose look thinner

Start by putting on your foundation. Before you contour your nose, you'll need to apple your normal foundation. Apply your foundation as your regularly would, including your nose. You'll contour your nose on top of the foundation. This will help your makeup look more natural once you blend everything together.

Apply a highlighter to the bridge of your nose. Apply a thin line of highlighting concealer down the center of the bridge of your nose. Start at eye-level, and stop about half an inch before the end of your nose. This will create the illusion of a smaller nose. You can use your finger or a small, angled brush to apply the concealer

Add a darker makeup to the sides of your nose. Use your contouring pencil or take a thin, angled brush to draw lines down the sides of your nose. Start near the inner corner of each eye, and shade straight down to the end of your nose. The closer you put your lines to the center of your nose, the thinner your nose will appear. Practice until you find your desired width of your contoured nose.

Blend, blend, blend!
Once you've applied your foundation, highlighter, and darker contour, it's time to blend everything together! The beauty of contouring is that it creates an illusion, so your makeup should look as seamless and smooth as possible. Take your blending brush or beauty blender and gently blend your makeup. Use circular, outward motions to blend the lines of your contouring together

TIP: Darkness pushes back and light brings forward. If you feel like your nose is small or flat, you should highlight the bridge of your nose to pull it outward to the viewer. If you feel like your nose is large or too long, you should shade the bridge of your nose to push it back. Want your nose to look shorter - darken the tip.

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