Friday, August 30, 2019


Discover sustainable beauty that will bring health and well-being to all it touches! -Renewable, beneficial, plant-based, colour safe ingredients -Certified Organic Extracts -90% post consumer recycled bottles -100% certified wind power -100% recycled fiber containers -Vegan -PETA approved -No animal testing.

Because everything matters to NEUMA, their pledge is to bring the consumer hair care products that are genuinely created with a true passion for our environment..."We refuse to formulate with 13 different classes of ingredients that are known or suspected skin sensitizers, endocrine disruptors, carcinogenic, damage the environment, contribute to climate change or otherwise compromise your hair health or the planet."

Neuma brand lines include:

neuControl - Both aerosol and non-aerosol hair sprays.
neuMoisture - Puts the bounce, body, and shine back into dry hair and curls.
neuRepair - strengthens and restores damaged hair.
neuSmooth - for a frizz free style with lots of shine
neuVolume - to add fullness to thin hair
reNeu - a deep weekly cleanse to remove residue from styling products & hard water.

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