Monday, July 22, 2019

What's ahead for fall/winter 2019

Artful, glamorous, and just a little spooky – these are the best adjectives to describe the fall/ winter 2019-2020 makeup trends.

Arty Eyelashes
Eye will take the spotlight in Fall/Winter 2019-2020, with particular emphasis placed on the lashes. They will be the subject of true artistic creation, exaggerated with blunt Sixties-style kohl lines. Lashes will be layered with thick coats of mascara for a very wearable look. There’s one golden rule valued by the makeup artists: keep the complexion and lips as natural as possible.

Statement Eyebrows
Eyebrows were a binary matter on the fall fashion runways – either bold and overstated or erased completely.

The disco look
We are witnessing a glitter renaissance. This time, it’s taking a Saturday Night Fever shape, in striking shades or worn like speckled confetti on the lids.

The red lip
The statement red lip is a failsafe trick for simple sophistication. This staple weapon in the art of sensuality was utilized by many makeup artists. As for color, vibrant carmine shades, as well as deep burgundies; as for texture, press lips with powder for an ultra-matte effect, or coat with a lick of gloss. One thing is sure: high pigment is the key.

The punk look
Reimagine the timeless cat eye with even more dramatic accents. Bold lines evoke the fearless punk rock mentality.

Single wash of a bold foil color
Washes of bold color in foil textures on the eye could see a resurgence in 2019. Minimum effort, maximum impact, this look is so simple to recreate for effortless glam, not the painstaking, laborious umpteen layers of shadow we’ve come so accustomed to seeing on Instagram.

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