Thursday, June 20, 2019

Small changes - big impacts

Most everyone has their set beauty routine and once you get it established, it rarely changes. Color may change, products may change, but what you do and the order to you it in, stays set. Well, below are five common beauty mistakes. If you are doing any of them, it may be time to make a change! They're small changes, but have a big impact.

Not changing your Mascara - it can get expensive, but toss out that mascara that is past its prime. Mascara is formulated to last three to six months. The longer you use mascara, the more bacteria get trapped in the tube. This breaks down the products which leads to clump and flaking and the real risk of an eye infection.

Not brushing your hair thoroughly before you shampoo. The few seconds it takes to do this can make a big difference. Brushing distributes natural oils and makes detangling after shampooing much easier.

Exfoliating too vigorously or too often.  Exfoliating is a must but if exfoliating is done too vigorously, you can end up scratching the surface of your skin’s protective barrier, leaving it open to infection and exposure to environmental toxins.

Storing beauty products in hot places. When a product gets too hot, it loses its consistency and effectiveness. Your sunscreen won't protect as well, your hairspray won't work and your make-up can become a breeding ground for bacteria. While it may be convenient to store a few items in your glove box, don't! 

Using too much product.  Whether it's hair styling crème, blush, foundation or moisturizer, every single one of us has used too much product at some point. When exactly something passes the threshold of "just right" into "too much" territory is subjective, but usually you know it's happening as you're doing it.  With make-up, you get to that point where your look could be complete, and you could totally stop right there, but you don't. You keep going. You layer on more eyeliner, eyeshadow and lipstick and soon you realize you may have gone too far.  Same with hair products:  always start small, more isn't always better.  Besides, it saves money when you don't waste products.

Giving up on a product too soon. This is especially true of skin care items. If you've done your homework before you made the purchase, give it a chance. Applying your wrinkle minimizing cream at bedtime and waking up looking the same as you did is much to high of an expectation. Most skin care products take at least 8 to 12 weeks before significant results can be seen. Give your skin care products at least 3 months to truly evaluate their effectiveness. And be honest with yourself...did you stick to the regimen on the product instructions or did you skip a few. Spending your money on good quality skin care is a waste if you don't give it a chance.

Not washing your makeup brushes. It's scary, but statistically, 70% of women have never washed their make-up brushes or sponges. Bacteria, dead skin cells and oils accumulate and contribute to breakouts and irritate skin. Wash your brushes every two weeks. Rinse them with warm water, then massage a little shampoo into them. Rinse, wipe flat and lay to dry.

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