Saturday, June 15, 2019

5 great hair tips from top stylists!

Fall in love with your Dry Shampoo
Using dry shampoo is a seemingly simple process. You take your hair, spray it in at the roots to soak up any grease and oil, and then you walk around with a totally refreshed look. Apply thoroughly at the roots then blast [it] out with a dryer. Most people rub it into the hair and leave it, but you need to remove the product to get rid of excess dirt and oils.

Apply Hair Mask before Exercise
Typically, people like using hair masks after hitting the gym to revive their strands, but the opposite is actually more beneficial for your hair health.  The salt from your sweat can actually dry out your hair. If you apply a mask before your workout, the ingredients push moisture into your strands and seal it in before the salt has a chance to dry your hair out. Also, the heat from your workout will allow the mask the work deeper, then all you have to do is rinse and go!

Bangs with Style
Bangs can be hard to deal with—especially if you let them air-dry after a shower, allowing them to get all sorts of kinky and frizzy. Instead of waiting to style them, start working on them immediately for the most flawless results. When styling bangs, you have to do it right out of the shower. Use a little mousse then lightly blow-drying them with the nozzle aimed downward. To finish them off, pin them to one side for a few minutes using a clip and a tissue to avoid creasing, then switch to the other side. This gives your bangs the perfect amount of movement and natural bend.

Your blow dryer's cold setting is there for a reason.
Yep, there’s a reason your blow-dryer has a cold air setting. Using it throughout the entire time you’re drying your hair can make your strands greasy. The key is giving your hair a few quick blasts. After your hair is totally dry, you can use the cold air in sections to lock in your look.

Applying conditioner correctly
If your hair feels greasy immediately after a fresh wash, it might be because of how you apply conditioner. Instead of soaking it into your entire head of hair, avoid the scalp: You should actually only work it in up to three to four inches away from your scalp, which helps prevent the conditioner from weighing down your hair. As for your scalp, it has natural oils that will keep it properly hydrated.

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