Friday, May 10, 2019

BRAND PROFILE: Paul Mitchell

Whether you have curly, coarse, color treated or damaged hair; whether you need a light hold or strong wax; whether you need a product for kids, men or teens, Paul Mitchell has the right products to give you great style and care for your hair.

Paul Mitchell (John Paul Mitchell Systems) is leading the industry with the highest quality professional hair care available today. High-performance ingredients, innovation and a commitment to remaining cruelty-free, these are the top priorities in Paul Mitchell's product research and development of new products. Offering numerous products to achieve gorgeous hair including: Awapuhi Wild Ginger, Marula Oil, Mitch for Men, Neon, Neuro Style, Original PM, Pro Tools, Tea Tree and, of course, even a pet line, JP Pet.

Awapuhi Wild Ginger products are the gateway to sophisticated looks and proven performance that delivers consistent results every time. Moisturizing Lather Shampoo®, Keratin Cream Rinse®, Styling Treatment Oil® and HydroMist Blow-Out Spray® are just a few hair options that allow you to wash, hydrate and style while also protecting and repairing for smooth, elegant and sophisticated strands.

Marula Oil - All Oils Are Not Created Equal.  Transform lifeless, damaged and dry hair with MarulaOil shampoos, conditioners and intensive oil treatments. Formulated with pure, cold-pressed marula oil, this hydrating hair care line leaves your hair looking and feeling luxurious. Protective antioxidants repair damaged hair, restoring it back to its natural luster. See for yourself what these luxury hair care products can do.

Mitch for Men has product ranging from moderate to maximum hold and ultra-matte to high shine.  Mitch tailors to every guy's personal style.  Mitch cleansing products feature high-performing ingredients and a clean scent.

Neon - why blend in? Neon is style that stands out. It's hair care that lets you be the boss. Infused with natural sugars, it's a little sassy, a little sweet. Made just for teens, neon's focus is to give you individual styling power.  Neon also radiate a message of positivity with their stand against bullying.

Neuro Style - heat protection, styling tools and gorgeous hair.  These products are heat-activated, scientifically proven blends that help protect against damage cause by styling, blow drying and smoothing.

Tea Tree - Calm & Quench, Refresh & Renew, Awaken, Thicken.  Tea Tree products have hair care formulas to fit every hair need by harnessing the natural powers of Tea Tree.  There's even special care for co-washing curly hair.

and, of course:
The very best for your pet! Paul Mitchell's John Paul Pet understands your pets are part of your family. John Paul Pet products will keep your special furry friends clean with specialized formulas designed for a healthy, glossy coat. Keep them always looking their best with John Paul Pet! Keep your pet's skin moisturized and their fur clean with these pet shampoos and conditioning sprays. There are even pet wipes for quick clean-ups of ears, eyes and paws that treat your pet gently!

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Paul Mitchell gives back.  They have created a Culture of Giving
Our culture of giving is helping to change the world. When you choose John Paul Mitchell Systems®, you get more than just high-performing products. You’re supporting a brand that believes in giving back. Over the years, John Paul Mitchell Systems® and Paul Mitchell Schools have donated millions of dollars to hundreds of philanthropic causes: from environmental protection to children’s charities and human rights. But we don’t just give with our checkbook—we mobilize our entire John Paul Mitchell Systems® community to get involved and lend a hand. You get to be part of a culture that’s helping to change the world, one good deed at a time.

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