Sunday, April 21, 2019

WHAT'S NEW this week?

We've been busy this week!  A new brand and two new products!

Discover the benefits of CBD oil with Hemp Beauty. Beauty products that balance your body to promote wellness. All products are all natural, cruelty-free and are made of 99.9% pure, hemp-derived CBD oil. Hemp Beauty's focus is to balance the body, relieve pain, reduce inflammation and alleviate skin issues the organic way.


Glide Hot Brush
Quickly brush and style away with this hot brush. A professional hot brush that tames and smooths dry hair quickly and effortlessly for sleek and soft locks. Designed with ceramic technology with ioniser to heat up the brush consistently for optimum styling. Heats up to 185 degrees C and eliminates frizz. Its combination of high density short and longer bristles allow for large sections of the hair to be styled for salon smooth results! 


Polish & Reunited Split End Mender

Get those ends to look like you just got a fresh trim with this split end mender. A split end mender that works to smooth and polish down your ends for a sleek and beautiful appearance. Leaves ends with a natural shine and feeling as soft as can be.


  1. I am seeing all kinds of products with the Cbd oil or hemp in them. I hope they work as well as their claims. I have been eyeing the glide hair brush for myself and am wanting to try it. The split end mender Pravana product sounds good. Does it actually mend the split ends or just give the appearance of doing so. I’ve seen this type product in several other lines and wondered the same thing. Thanks so much.

  2. Hi Christy - nothing can actually put a hair that is split back together, however, Pravana does a great and long-lasting job of job of calming the resulting frizz that makes split ends look so bad.


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