Thursday, April 11, 2019

5 hair products every woman should have in her style arsenal.

There are many styling options out there – for control, hold, shine, softness, and much more. But choosing the wrong one for your desired result can cause negative side effects. For example, if you use heat on your hair from a blow dryer and/or heated tools but your styling product doesn’t contain a heat protectant, you will cause serious damage to your locks.   If you spend a lot of time outdoors, your styling products should contain a UV protectant.

Thickening Spray/Mousse
Whether you have super-fine hair or a thicker mane, thickening products create more consistency throughout.  Thickening spray works best for medium to thick hair types—not necessarily to give the illusion of thicker hair, but for hold  Spray sparingly for lighter hold. For women with finer hair, you need more of a foundation to hold the style longer, which is why mousse works great.

Styling Crème

Crémes are the modern-day gel because they work well on all hair types and provide moisture. Use with a round brush to help polish the ends.  When used with a blow dryer, these products expand, creating nice volume and density. If air dried into the hair, they’re great for frizz reduction and help to hold in natural waves. When choosing a formula, do pay attention to hair texture. For fine, straight hair, use a lightweight créme with a little bit of hold.

Flexible Hairspray
Every woman definitely needs a medium hold, flexible hairspray in their arsenal. These sprays can be finishers or thermal protectors before using a curling iron.

Texture Spray

This is one of the newest kinds of products on the market and every woman, regardless of her hair type, invest in one. The category includes all of the following: dry shampoo, dry conditioner, salt spray, and texturizing spray. These are great for absorbing oil on the scalp on second-day dirty hair. They are also great for texture throughout the midshaft and ends.  Salt and texture sprays can also be used on wet hair and are great to build both volume and resistance to dropping.  Add to the roots before a blowout to extend its lifespan.

Heat Protectant
Let's face it: we're pretty attached to our heated styling tools. Did you know heat applications on hair can reach up to 446°F? Ouch.  Heat and friction can quickly turn vibrant hair into dry, damaged hair that feels frazzled. Enter: heat protectant spray, designed to help protect against damage from harsh temperatures so you can use your favorite style tools with more confidence.   Remember too - you don't have to use the highest heat setting; in fact, you should always use the lowest setting that works on your hair to achieve the look you want.

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