Saturday, March 16, 2019

Skin Care...from the neck down.

Often when we talk about skin care, we concentrate on our face.  After all, it's what people see the most.  But, despite it still being winter, spring and then summer will follow.  As the days lengthen and warm, more and more of our skin is exposed.  Now is the time to focus on healthy skin from the neck down.

It All Starts with Sunscreen…
Some of the most telltale signs of skin looking older are evident on skin from the neck down: Uneven skin tone, crepey skin, loss of firmness, and spots. This is especially true if you haven’t been diligent about using sunscreen, or if you have been tanning your body as you may have been tanning your face. Either way, it’s never too late to start.

In addition to sun protection, the skin on your body will stay looking and feeling wonderfully radiant using the same types of formulations you use on your face: Antioxidants, skin-replenishing ingredients, soothing agents, retinol, enriching oils, and butters are essential to your skin, especially dry skin. You’re more likely to experience dryness on skin from the neck down, even if you have oily or combination skin on your face.

Clear Up Body Acne
Anyone who struggles with breakouts on their back (the dreaded “bacne”), neck, thighs, or booty knows all too well how frustrating and stubborn they are. The research is clear: Blemishes, whether on the face or the body, need the same skincare ingredients. This is what you need to know:
  • Avoid bar soaps. The ingredients in bar cleansers can clog pores, dry the skin, and make red areas worse!
  • Don’t use abrasive body scrubs or loofahs. Acne cannot be scrubbed away; using abrasive products on it can make it worse.
  • Use a gentle water-soluble cleanser that doesn’t contain oils or fragrance (fragrance is not skin-friendly, whether natural or synthetic). 
  • Apply a well-formulated BHA exfoliant (active ingredient salicylic acid) to breakout-prone areas. 
  • Follow up with a benzoyl peroxide product.  Abundant research shows that benzoyl peroxide is the gold standard when it comes to reducing stubborn acne, wherever it lurks on your body.
Get Rid of Bumpy Skin and Hard, Clogged Pores
This very common problem involves tiny, hard, raised, clogged pores typically found on the upper arms, thighs, shoulders, and back. Basically, these are clogged pores that become solid and then often become red and aggravated. Unclogging them and following up with a soothing skincare routine is the key to getting smoother skin.
  • For this type of problem a BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole) lotion. It helps improve the appearance of dry, rough, bumpy skin and it is even suitable for skin prone to keratosis pilaris. It also contains soothing agents for double the benefit. The best part? You can wear sleeveless tops again!
  • In addition to following the vitally important recommendation above, it’s also imperative that you avoid bar soaps (which can make clogged pores worse) and use a gentle body wash instead. Keep in mind: You can’t scrub away the plugs, but you can make them worse. Scrubbing will only make them mad—then they really won’t go away, leaving clogged pores stubbornly where they are.

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