Thursday, March 14, 2019

Make-up Brushes

Many cosmetic products come with a small "applicator" brush, so why invest in good make-up brushes? First, these small applicators do not give you the control you need. They also do not usually stand up to repeated use. A good make-up brush, designed for a specific purpose, will let you achieve the look you expected from the product. 

Quality make-up brushes are an investment you really want to make if you want to apply your cosmetics like a pro! Below are the must-have brushes you need to blend, highlight, and contour your face to perfection.

Blush Brush

It pays to invest in a blush brush, because once you find the right one, it does it all. This domed bristle brush picks up and deposits blush to define, contour, and shade your cheeks. Simply apply the brush in a circular motion to the apples of your cheeks.

Blending Brush
This brush is essential for dusting eye shadow along the create of your lips since the flexible bristles make it easy to blend colors and soften line. A blending brush with a narrow tip will give you more control over specific areas of your eyes. One that is too rounded can overemphasize your make-up, giving you the black-eye effect.

Concealer Brush
A great concealer brush can be the MVP of your makeup bag since it tackles your worst problems in one step: blemishes, scars, brown spots, broken capillaries, and under-eye circles. The best brush for the job is one with a tapered head and bristles that are both firm and flexible for extra precision.

Contouring Brush
This is your best brush for highlighting and sharpening your features. Whether you're using wet or dry products, select this angled brush to sculpt your cheekbones with a soft finish. It can also be used to enhance the brow line and narrow the face.

Foundation Brush
Avoid that streaky finish when applying foundation. A good foundation brush will give you more even coverage and a smooth, pore less finish. Make sure to look for one with a domed head and densely packed bristles, especially if you are dealing with dark under-eye circles and fine lines. It's also perfect for applying face creams and serums.

Highlighter Brush
With it's feathery texture, it's made to sweep highlighter, blush or bronzer over your cheekbones. The key is to keep your touch light so it doesn't look overdone. The brush should be soft, but substantial enough to pick-up the powder in the first place.

Powder Brush
This is a staple of any make-up bag. It helps you set your face with powder after you've applied foundation and sweeps away extra make-up without messing with your carefully crafted look. Buy a large, dense and fluffy brush with a tapered head.

Lip Brush
If you've never used one, you'll wonder why once you've tried it and never want to apply color straight out the tube again. It helps you color in the lines for a smudge-proof pout and also works for mixing formulas. Look for a brush with a tapered point and soft bristles for each application.

Spoolie Brush

This is the best trick for achieving fuller, more organized eyebrows. The angled brush smoother and defines brows with powder and the spiral end tames those crazy hairs after you wake up. the spoolie also doubles as a wand for removing mascara clumps and separating lashes.

Eyeliner Brush

A good eyeliner brush is a small, angled brush that's easy to grip. You want it to create super sharp lines, but also be able to work with wet and dry eyeliners.

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