Friday, March 8, 2019

BRAND PROFILE: Fran Wilson Moodmatcher

“I longed to give women a lipstick that lasts – I had a vision, and that is where it all began,” says Fran Wilson. In 1985, the revolutionary MOODmatcher® was launched, leaving makeup artists, editors, and women around the world excited.

From the minute these lipsticks hit the market, MOODmatcher was a tremendous success. Who can resist a green lipstick, especially when it turns into the best shade of fuchsia pink as it glides across your lips? Even better is the gorgeous transformation that occurs within seconds of application.

Formulated to interact with your body chemistry and skin-tone, each MOODmatcher color instantly changes into a personal and totally unique shade that’s different on every woman.

Fran Wilson is all about lips.  Her products now include a lip plumper, gloss, lip care and liners.  MoodMatchers include Lipstick, Twist Stick, Liquid and even a Split Stick.

Today, nearly 30 years – and 25 million lipsticks later – MOODmatcher continues to fly off our shelves.  Try - it you’ll be hooked – it’s the color you were always looking for.

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