Sunday, March 10, 2019

Apply Make-up in the right order

There is a natural order to accomplishing most anything in life: Lather, rinse, repeat. Love, marriage, baby in a carriage. High school, college, job (if you’re lucky). But some things, like putting on a fresh face of makeup, are a little more complicated.

What do you do first: Apply lipstick or focus on eyes? Where does blush come in? Can you get away with putting liner on after mascara? Of course, not everyone will use all steps, but even if you skip the powder or cheeks, this is a still a good working order to follow!

1: Primer or Moisturizer
Choose one, not both. Moisturizer, no matter how light in texture, will interfere with the function of a primer. Also, always remember to get in your sunscreen, whether SPF is built into your primer, moisturizer, or foundation.

2: Foundation
It's not necessary to do the eyes first to avoid fallout. Fallout is bound to happen when you are using eye shadow. When product falls onto bare skin, the pigment can be even harder to remove. It’s better to create a canvas with the foundation and then correct any mistakes as a finishing touch.

3: Concealer
Here is where you look at your face with a critical eye and add concealer sparingly. Put only on blemishes or dark circles. You want to wait until after the foundation because foundation will do a lot of the job for you.

4: Powder
Set it all with a very light dusting of translucent powder. This will help make it easier to remove fallout from eye shadow and give the base time to settle in while you apply the rest of your makeup.

5: Eyes or lips
Mix it up. After the face, you will usually do the eyes first, but sometimes, if you start with the lips, it gives me time to think about what you really want to do on the eyes. 
  • For Eyes: shadow > liner > then mascara. But always go back and layer. Add a little more liner at the lash line, an extra pop of shimmer shadow in the center of the lid, etc.
  • For Lips: balm > liner > lipstick > then gloss. Smudge liner all over your lips and rub it in with fingertips before applying lipstick. And of course, use gloss only if you want!
6: Cheeks
Do the cheeks last for two reasons. One, it ties the eyes and lips together. Two, if you’re using a powder, you can sweep it across the lids after the eye makeup is done to add an extra pop.
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