Tuesday, March 19, 2019

7 top Hair Questions Answered

Our customer service staff are all licensed cosmetologist and we encourage our customers to call with questions or concerns so that we can direct them to the right products.  While no two heads of hair are exactly the same, and your own stylist may be your best expert, we are often able and ready to help.

When it comes to hair, there are no stupid questions. But there are frequently asked questions.  Our team has put together the top 7 questions they are asked, and the answers.

How often should you use shampoo and conditioner?
This varies depending on your oil production.  A good rule of thumb is to check how oily your scalp and hair get in between washes. If you’re feeling extra oily after two days, then wash and condition every two days. If you can push it longer than that, then wash and condition every three days. Just be sure to wash at least once a week to cleanse away oil and rid any excess product build up. If you’re still not sure, ask your stylist for a scalp analysis, so he or she can tell you exactly which products to use and how often.

What order should I use all of my products in?
Cocktailing or layering products is often the best way to achieve the style and look you want.  When using multiple products, go from lightest weight product to heaviest. Pay attention to what your products are meant to do. If you start with a heat protectant  or blow dry lotion, it’ll seal you hair and it won’t allow as much of the next product to absorb so start with any leave-in treatment for damaged hair and then add on the heat protectant or blow dry spray so you’re not blocking it from potential benefits of other product.  Still not sure? Check your labels to see if the product is supposed to seal the hair in some way, if so layer it on after other products. Always save hairspray until the end.

How can I stop wasting product?
It’s really as basic as less is more.  This is the biggest things we discuss at our own salon: how much product do we need to apply on our guests. Start off by using a smaller amount than you think you need, and if you really, really feel like you need more, reapply.  Another good way to make the most of your products is to apply them and comb them through your hair from root to end, to make sure they’re getting over every bit of real estate your hair has to offer. If you feel like you might be underusing product, just pay attention to how long you’ve had it. After a year, products can lose their potency, which means they’ll still work, just not as well as a fresh bottle would. Then it’s time to restock.

What's your best suggestion for hair that is super fine and doesn't hold a curl?
Here is where heat and heat-protectant will be your best friend.  Use  a thermal setting mist that offers ultra-protection and ultra-hold.  It should be a lightweight spray that can protect your hair from temperatures up to 450 degrees, giving you free reign to use high heat to get that curl.

My hair is so dull and for lack of a better term "ratty" looking. How can I fix this?
The hair could look this way because it’s porous from a lot of chemical services or, if it’s untreated, it could be a reaction to using hot tools or harsh environmental factors. Heat, sun, cold and wind can all do a number on your hair.   Hydrating the hair with a leave-in treatment daily is a best first step. Another simple fix? Giving your hair a break from hot tools and chemicals.  Try an air dry cream to give your hair a vacation from intense product and tool use while still giving it a good style.
Is there any way to repair damaged hair without cutting it all off?
This just depends on how damaged the hair is. A good place to start is with a split end repair treatment (which is generally what gives hair that "ratty" appearance).  Use a deeply hydrating hair mask once a week.  TIP: Get the most out of the mask by wrapping the head in a plastic wrap once you've applied the product.  This generates a natural heat which helps the ingredients penetrate the hair.)  If you’re still suffering from damaged hair after trying these things, you might need a trim. Ask your stylist for a dry cut so they can trim off only exactly what needs to be taken off and nothing more.

What’s the best way to treat dandruff?
Dandruff can be caused by dry skin, a pH imbalance, product build up or, sometimes, a fungus. It can be difficult to keep your dandruff under control. Ask your stylist to analyze your scalp to see if he or she thinks you need to see a doctor about it. If it’s something that can be treated with salon products, try a shampoo with pyrithione zinc to clear the scalp of any impurities and leave it feeling and looking clear.

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