Thursday, February 7, 2019

Simple trick for hair static.

TOO much heat, cold, dryness or damage to the hair create NEGATIVE charges. The result: hair static. When two different objects are rubbed together, one loses electrons and the other gains electrons. The one that loses electrons becomes negatively charged. and the one that gains electrons becomes positively charged. Transferring these electrons is what causes static electricity.

So what can you do when your hair starts buzzing and you're not at home. Use a metal comb. Hairbrushes create more friction in your hair, so ditch that idea. However, combs that are made of plastic can contribute to causing static, while metal combs actually reduce the amount of static present in your hair. When you use a metal comb it causes the electric charges building in your hair to discharge!

PS. a little tip: Static electricity is what causes static cling in clothing. Diffuse the static by pinning a safety pin to an inside seam of the item. Once again, the positive charge of the metal pin will attract the negative charge of the clothing and good-bye static!

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