Monday, February 11, 2019

Show off those freckles!

Make-up choices can be a bit confusing when you have a face full of freckles.  Should you cover them up with heavy layers of foundation, focus on concealing specific area or skip face make-up all together and focus on lash-lengthening mascara, brow-defining pencils & bold lip colors.

If you're proud of your freckles, which we thin are lovely, then here are a few make-up artist tips for showing them off.

Pick sheer, buildable products.

The key to letting your freckles show is opting for sheer, buildable products. “Avoid any medium- to full-coverage foundations, heavy powders or powder blush. Creamy sheer, products will put your freckles on display.. This means using lightweight products like tinted primers, tinted moisturizers, and spot concealers—the more sheer the better.

Mix existing products with moisturizer.
Can’t splurge on new makeup right now? No worries. You can sheer-ify heavier foundation with some moisturizer. Mix your moisturizer with a lightweight foundation

Enhance your freckles with a brow pencil.

You can make your freckles pop by emphasizing them with a little bit of makeup. Lightly tapping a brow pencil on your existing freckles can bring them out even more—so long as the shades match up, of course.

Play with warm-toned lip colors.

Most freckles tend to be cool-toned, which is something to keep in mind when choosing a lip color. Choose a warm-toned lip color to juxtapose the cool-toned freckles.

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