Saturday, February 2, 2019

Hairstyle How-to: A Headband tuck.

Step 1: Amp It Up
Gather the entire back section including the crown of your hair at the root and tease with a comb for volume.

Step 2: Add a Tie
Brush hair back into a ponytail and then place a string, ribbon, or a thin piece of leather close to your hairline and tie it at the nape of your neck, over the ponytail.

Step 3: Tug It
Gently tug the top of the ponytail up from the ribbon to create an overhanging loop. 

TIP: Add a touch of conditioning balm on the ends so that they look freshly blown-out, and then finish with a fine mist hairspray all over to hold the style and tame flyaways.

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