Saturday, February 9, 2019

Get the most from your sheet mask

Everyone is using sheet masks these days.  It's a great way to do double-duty.  You get to relax for 15 minutes and care for your facial skin at the same time.   There are some simple tips that will help you get the most from your mask.
  • Rule number one: no makeup, no SPF, no moisturizer under it; you should always start with a freshly clean face to make sure your skin can make the most out of all the vitamins, amino acids, and minerals in these products. 
    • Hydrating masks will have hyaluronic acid, glycerin, snail slime extract or another humectant.
    • Calming and soothing masks will bring anti-inflammatory ingredients like camellia sinensis (green tea) leaf extract, snail bee, and aloe barbadensis leaf extract.
    • Brightening sheet masks are enriched with vitamin C, niacinamide, and/or botanical ingredients such as centella asiatica extract. 
    • The anti-aging ones will plump out fine lines and wrinkles with ingredients like adenosine andcitrus paradisi (grapefruit) fruit extract.
  • When applying a sheet mask, maximize adherence by snipping from the side of the nose fold to the eye hole. This will allow you to wiggle the mask just so, getting it closer to the under-eye area and preventing any tenting. If necessary, make a snip below the cheekbone and layer the mask over itself to maximize the fit further.  
  • Sheet masks are technically double sided so why not flip your mask over when you’re halfway through your treatment and enjoy the cooling dose of hydration once again? A personal note here: This is especially good if you have sensitive or irritated skin. 
  • The rule of thumb for sheet masks is to leave them on for 15 to 20 minutes tops—check the instructions on yours before setting your timer—and wearing them for a longer period of time won’t make the results any better. Actually, after this time the mask begins to dry and take away the moisture from your skin. For the same reason, never ever sleep with them on or you might wake up with paper dry skin.
P.S. Fill a tub full of scent and bubbles and soak with your mask on.  So definitely a "me" time treat!

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  1. I prefer clay masks but have tried sheet masks. Good tip about snipping from nose to eye to get it to fit.


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