Monday, February 18, 2019

Fashion week showed of Essie Nail Polish

New York Fashion Week 2019 is now history.  But what was seen there will be everywhere soon.  Although most of us will never afford the actual runway styles, we will see less costly versions at our favorite stores.  The colors and make-up looks will be copied.  As we looked through some pix, we noticed the nails...and so many were done with Essie Nail Polish.  Take a look.

Right from the opening ceremony, Essie Nails were on display. "If you're going to get one pattern on your nails this spring, make it gingham."

Julie Kandalec created this hand-drawn print using black and gold nail polish at the opening ceremony.

Kith had a new take on a classic manicure that's more Americana than French.

Kate Spade - One coat of Essie Skinny Dip and then one coat of Just the Glitter from Essie Summit of Style backstage at Kate Spade.

Brandon Maxwell - Two costs of Essie nail polish in Sugar Daddy backstage at Brandon Maxwell's Texas-inspired show.

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