Monday, January 21, 2019

The 5 hairstyles of 2019

The PIXIE is classic, versatile, chic, and easy to style. Most women would not dare, but this haircut looks awesome on so many - both young and older.

Baby Bangs With a Lob. Short or thing bangs. If you don't want to commit, part your hair in the middle and attach a faux fringe extension and flat iron.

Long Layers continue their popularity.  Don't worry if your not ready to do more than a light trim.  Just add extensions in varying lengths.

Long Bobs.  The Long Bob, aka Lob, also continues to be popular, probably because it's so versatile and easy to style!  

70's Shag!  It's the perfect transitional style.  The soft fringe grows out so well.  If you are growing out a bob, opt for this amazing cut.  You get bangs with the full commitment and as they grow out you get face-framing layers.

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