Sunday, January 27, 2019

Nude Nails

Sometimes we don't want the flash or splash of brightly colored nails. We need a subtle, understated look. When that happens, turning to nudes is the answer. But...which nude?

The key to finding a good nude for you isn't to find a match to your skin tone. It's to find a complement. Look for a tinted pinky, peachy, sandy, or creamy nude. When in doubt, try a neutral like grey or beige, or their lovechild, greige. Going lighter and brighter than your natural skin tone highlights the richness of your color.

Which nude is right for your skin tone?

Dark to Deep
A blend of beige, cream, and pink is perfect those with dark skin tones. You want to look for something that is opaque but still has coverage.

Medium to Dark
A gorgeous light tan with a wash of white helps brings out the warmth in all skin tones, but especially in those who are tan. 

Fair to Medium
Look for an opaque, medium pinkish nude with a touch of coral. A gorgeous pink beige really elongates the fingers. 

Pale to Fair
A blend of beige and cream with a hint of the lightest pink complements lighter skin tones. 

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