Monday, January 14, 2019

Bigger is Better

We say "the Bigger the Better" but what does that mean. The Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary defines it as when "how much you value or want something is decided by how big it is".

If you love BIGGER, then our BIG size Duos and our exclusive Trios sale is just for you.

TRIOS is a set of three of our best selling styling products.  When you buy three, you save up to 40%.  There's hairsprays from Kenra, Goldwell, CHI, Scruples & more.  What's more, most of these trios qualifies for FREE shipping.

DUOS is shampoo & conditioner from all of our best and your favorite brands in the BIG sizes (generally 32oz. to 33oz.)  They are all on sale and all save you BIG $$$.

Large sizes are perfect for your shower.  A pump keeps you (or others) from pouring out more product than needed.   Here's an great idea for travelers:  Purchase a travel size of the same product just once.  Then you can pump some into the bottle when you want your hair care products to go with you. 

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  1. I love how lovely, stylish and sexy big hair is on women.


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