Monday, January 28, 2019

Are you choosing the right type of blush?

When picking out a blush, there are some questions you need to ask yourself first. Is your skin oily or dry? Bumpy or smooth? What season is it? All these factors come into play when finding your perfect glow-giver.

Each type of blush has individual qualities that make it great (or not-so-great) for certain complexions and needs. But even if you've found your perfect shade and figured out how to apply it to according to your face shape, you still need to find the right format.

Note: Whichever type of blush you use, don't apply a cream blush over translucent powder, or use powder blush over liquid foundation. Otherwise, you could end up with a less natural-looking finish. Read on to find out your best blush formula.

Powder Blush
Not only is it easy to blend, but it comes in a ton of colors, works well on people with larger pores. That said, it's not super long-lasting, so you'll need to reapply every few hours to maintain your glow. And while it works well on just about everyone, you should be careful using it if you bumpier skin or have many fine lines & wrinkles.
Best for: All skin types, especially smoother complexions.

Cream Blush

Dewy finish and high-staying power? This balance makes cream blush an excellent option for nearly anyone. Plus, it's easy to use, comes in tons of colors, and gives the face a fresh, youthful look. Talk about a triple threat.
Best for: All skin types except oily.

Gel Blush
Gel blushes are great for summer.  They're a quick way to bring a healthy glow to your face. The downside: Gel blush doesn't last super long and typically doesn't show up well on deeper skin tones.
Best for: Light to medium skin tones.

Stain Blush
Want a dewy, long-lasting look that works wonders for your face in any season?  The a stain blush is your best choice as they stay on all day and give you a natural, healthy radiance.
Best for: All skin types, people who tend to sweat.

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