Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Professional Hair Styling Tips on Hair Straightening

One of the most important hair styling tips to remember is to always brush your hair before straightening (preferentially using a brush with natural bristles) and remove all residual hairspray, mousse, etc. Brushing your hair relaxes it and makes hair straightening much easier.

How to style hair and keep it straightened:
Over time, hair tends to revert to its natural shape. Hair professionals have a way to style hair to prevent this.  Straighten hair one small section at a time: If the strands are too wide or thick the hair will revert to its wavy nature right away. Using a comb and straightening your hair one small 2-inch section at a time works best. To keep the hair straight, use two or three passages with the flat iron.

Use a comb to cool overheated hair:

Despite all caution, it may happen that hair gets too hot during straightening. Our hair expert has a quick remedy: Use a comb, one of the most important hair styling tools, to allow the overheated hair to fall over it. Then run the comb through the hair a couple of times.

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