Monday, December 3, 2018

How do lip plumpers work?

Lots of lip products promise to produce bigger, sexier lips. Do they deliver?  The answer is tinted or clear, in the form of a gloss, balm, stick, gel, or pot, traditional lip plumpers fatten the lips temporarily -- sometimes by irritating them.

Containing ingredients like cinnamon, ginger mint, wintergreen, or capsicum (the fiery compound in hot peppers) they boost blood flow to the lips, leading to mild swelling and redness.  These can give you a temporary enhancement that might last a couple of hours.  It's these ingredients that also cause the telltale tingle or stinging. Although some people find that sensation uncomfortable, others welcome it as evidence that the plumper is working. That burn, along with the high shine of many of the plumping products, is what leads to the illusion of a fuller pout.  Try Sorme Lip Thick Gloss

If plumping glosses provide on-the-spot pout enhancement, a newer generation of lip plumpers promises to deliver more lasting results.  Sometimes sold in two-step sets with a cosmetic plumper, these treatment products contain ingredients such as peptides, marine collagen, and human growth factors. Used regularly, the manufacturers claim, these products will stimulate your lips to produce more pout-boosting collagen and elastin.  Others instead incorporate alpha-hydroxy acids or patented compounds. These work to increase collagen production and give you more lush lips over time. Like Pharmagel's Lip Recovery. or Jane Iredales Sugar & Butter - Lip Exfoliator and Plumper.

Tip:  Want your lips to look their fullest.  Use a lip plumper, layering it as a primer underneath lipstick and gloss, then augments these with a dab of shimmery eye shadow or highlighter dabbed on the center of the lips.

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