Friday, December 7, 2018


Sorme has been a sophisticated brand of cosmetics and skin care products for over 20 years.  Many professionals teamed up with some of the finest formulators to bring this exceptional line to enhance natural beauty. Formulated with plant botanicals, natural minerals, vitamins and age-reversing peptides help protect and improve your skin.

Their natural botanicals include aloe, cucumber, green tea, comfrey and shea butter. The minerals they use are micronized. What does that means the pulverized minerals are measurable so they remain on the surface of your skin, not allowing it to pass into your pores (if it is not measurable, the mineral molecule is able to pass through your pores and get into your bloodstream). Sorme skin care products and foundations are formulated so you can select the right product for your skin type. Their Refinee Age-Reversing products won a 2018 Launchpad Readers Choice Award.

Sorme is the Egyptian name for the natural black "kohl" substance used by queens to enhance their eyes; Cleopatra being the most famous for using "kolh".

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