Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Get the look! Get curls, waves or straight hair all with your flat iron!

Get straight, shiny hair.  Use the flat iron by sectioning your hair into at least 4 layers.  Use clips to keep the layers separated.  Then straighten a layer of your hair at a time. 

Add longer lasting curl to straight hair by rolling a strand into a coil, wrap it in foil and press it with a flat iron.

Create a cool crimp by starting with straight hair. Grab a one-inch section of hair and position your flat iron at the root.  Twist your wrist back and forth as you glide the iron all the way to your ends. 

Use your flat iron to seal in your temporary hair chalk.  Your temporary color will last longer.

Get sexy, undone curls by starting with the flat iron near your scalp.  Wrap a one-inch section around the flat iron plates as you simultaneously turn the flat iron away from your head (kind of like curling the ribbon with scissors).  Continue pulling the iron down the section of hair until you reach the ends.

Get textured, 2 day hair, even on freshly washed hair.  First lightly mist hair with a salt spray, like Tigi Catwalk Sessions Spray or Surface Swirl Sea Salt Spray, then loosely braid a few one-inch sections of hair around your face.  Run the flat iron over the braids, let cool, then undo them.

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