Thursday, November 1, 2018

Find your best concealer shade

Instead of reaching for a thick, peachy color corrector or a brightening concealer, use this color-matching technique.  Look to the area between the nose and apple of the cheek when picking your shade of undereye concealer.  This little section of the face is the key to making concealer look seamless with the rest of your makeup and not like ghostly pale rims around your eyes.

Because this little region isn't as susceptible to redness as the rest of your face, it's the most neutral-toned part of your face. This prevents you from picking a concealer shade that is too pink or too light, which can create a much muddier version of what you already have under your eyes.

The shade you pick based on this area may seem to be too dark at first. Once you blend it out, though, you'll notice your undereye concealer coordinates perfectly with the rest of your face.

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  1. I hear and have read so many use a shade lighter than their foundation to conceal the under eye area to brighten the eyes. Thetefore this is interesting information to consider when choosing a concealer color.


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