Friday, November 30, 2018


Today’s hair fashion is all about color and effects: ombres, sombres…. a rainbow of expressive shades. This massive new surge of color use (and abuse) demands a whole new level of color care technology.

Color Wow's goal is to solve every issue related to color-treated hair. Their pioneering team, led by founder and CEO Gail Federici, is known for identifying unmet consumer “pain points” and resolving them with inventive, efficacious solutions.

From being the first to tame frizz, to brighten blonde and, now, to solve the myriad unaddressed problems of color-treated hair, they've earned a reputation for disruptive technologies that shatter categories, set precedents, win awards and live on to become iconic beauty products.

Color Wow sulfate-free shampoo, unlike the vast majority of shampoos, is formulated without silicones, conditioning agents or pearlizing agents which are dulling, darkening, can distort color, and can what is far worse can also impede new hair growth by clogging the follicle! Color Wow Conditioners are created with translucent conditioning agents that won’t discolor hair.

Color Wow Cocktails (Kale, Coconut and Carb) are leave-in supplements that help counteract the three major problems caused by color chemicals. You'll want to serve one up every time you shampoo and condition.

Color Wow Root Cover Up is so easy and remarkable, that it’s won more than 34 major beauty awards. It’s the next hand-held device to change your life.

Take a look at what Color Wow's One Minute Transformation Styling Cream can do for your hair!

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