Sunday, October 28, 2018

Time for a little Beauty DIY

Sometimes selecting the right lipstick, foundation or blush color can be an overwhelming choice.  Every shade looks different on every person.  This is even more difficult if we are trying to find new, more flattering shades as we age.  What looked great at 30, looks garish at 60 and vice versa! 

Of course, you could go with the trial and error method, but that can get expensive.  Instead, try mixing your own colors until you find what's right. 

You've probably already have colors in your make-up drawer you thought were "right".  If you’re the type of person who doesn’t want to try on a million different shades, experiment with creating your own. Use a blush or shadow in a color that you find flattering.

Take a tweezer or bobby pin and scrape some of the powder out. On a clean surface, mix it with clear lip balm or some petroleum jelly. If it isn’t deep enough, add more pigment. If it’s too deep, add in more balm. Try it on, take it off, add or start over.  You'll find your perfect shade!

Just because you’re older now doesn’t mean you need to cake foundation on your face – there’s nothing to hide! Fresh, even, moisturized skin is more youthful-looking skin. Take a dollop of your favorite moisturizer and mix it with your foundation. It’s the perfect “no makeup” makeup look.

You can adjust the ratio for the amount of coverage you’d like on any given day. This is also a good solution for winter, when your summertime foundation may be a little dark. Speaking of that, don’t forget to layer your SPF underneath, no matter how little makeup you’re wearing.


If you want to avoid dry formulas that stick in crevices and emphasize wrinkles, you go with cream formulas. Some cream blushes are much longer lasting than powders, anyway. The trick here is that you don’t always need to go out and buy a new product.

Experiment with using a peach, pink, or red lipstick as blush. You should only need a dot or two, especially if the lipstick is rather bright. Start by placing it further away from your nose than you would powder blush. Blend well with fingers, and finish it off with a little brush blending.

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