Thursday, October 11, 2018

Do's and Don'ts for Dry Shampoo

DO spray at least six inches away from the roots. This will lightly and evenly distribute the product without creating buildup. If you spray dry shampoo very close to your roots, it’ll make your hair look crispy, chalky and discolored.

DON'T spray on damp or wet hair. It's called dry shampoo for a reason.

DO spray just where you need it. Sometimes only a few areas on your scalp and hair get greasy. Hence, you need not use your dry shampoo everywhere on your scalp and hair. You can spot clean in such cases. Simply lift up the section and apply the dry shampoo.

DON'T worry if you get dry shampoo on the mid-shaft. This gives extra grip to the hair and provides more volume, decreasing the too-soft feel fine hair can sometimes have.

DO wait about two minutes before styling. Women sometimes panic when they see that it comes out white, and so they don't really let the product sit long enough, nor understand that they need to comb or blow-dry through.

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