Friday, October 12, 2018

BRAND PROFILE: Suavecito - Suavecita

The brothers who created Suavecito didn't want to change the world; they just wanted to look good.

Suavecito means a smooth guy. 
It can also mean "that guy is a smooth player."
Growing up in California, the siblings loved everything about their local barbershops, except for the cost of pomade. Their favorite brand cost more than $20 a container, which made it too expensive for them and most of their friends.  So, brothers Pete & Tony Adame, along with their buddy "J-Bird" got busy.

Combining raw materials in a five-gallon bucket in their garage, the two inventors experimented until they developed something that gave them the look they wanted for a better price. At first, they just gave it away to their friends, but soon barbers started buying it to sell to their customers.

Now, Suavecito sells to customers around the world, but their mission hasn't changed: Quality products at a price that works for everyone.

All Suavecito products are water-soluble, giving them a wax-like sheen that washes out easily and doesn't leave a sticky residue. Building on the popularity of their original pomade, the brand offers a range of men's hair care products, everything from combs to aftershave.

Suavecito's unique sense of style and their commitment to the community helped make them a cultural sensation and it's why you can find their products at Beauty Care Choices and in barbershops around the world.
Although Suavecito started out as a men's styling products company, they have added Suavecita for women.  These products include lipsticks, eyeliners, hair care and grooming spray.

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