Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Tips on how to achieve a natural look with your liquid foundation

We all love liquid foundation but sometimes we can tend to overload on it, hence giving us the "cake" effect look.
Well not anymore! Read on to discover some quick and easy tips to avoid a foundation fiasco!

Exfoliating the skin helps to slough off and remove any dead skin cells lingering on the skin to reveal soft and radiant skin. In doing this, it gives your skin a smoother surface to achieve a smooth canvas for foundation application to avoid the bumps and flakes. Remember, a great beauty regimen always starts with a great skin-care regimen. 

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! If you don't do this already, please do. Finding the right moisturizer for your face will smooth and soften the skin, making it supple to prep it for foundation application. This helps to keep your face hydrated all day without drying out.
Facial Oil
To get a natural glow in your foundation, try using a skin oil before applying foundation. Gently rub some facial oil onto your cheekbones, center of forehead and down the bridge of your nose to give you that glow from the inside out.
Damp Sponge
The best way to avoid the cakey look when applying foundation is to apply it with a damp sponge. Using a damp sponge evens out the coverage on your face and gets the right consistency needed. Doing this really helps to work the foundation into your skin so it doesn't just linger on the surface. Make sure the sponge is damp and not soaking wet.
Less is more
To achieve a natural look with foundation, you have to always remember that less is more.

Hope these tips help you in achieving a flawless, natural foundation appearance 💕

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