Monday, September 10, 2018

Applying Make-up for a Special Photo

We know it's a little early to think of the holidays, but for those of you who gather the family for a Christmas card photo, we've got a few tips to help you look at the photo of yourself and actually like it!  These tips are great for anyone, no matter the occasion, when you are having a special photo taken.
Tip #1 - Apply a Primer.  Primer should be the first product you apply when doing make-up for a photograph.  A primer will smooth and even the appearance of your skin while also ensuring your makeup stays looking fresh.

Tip #2 - Use a Matte foundation.  We all love the face makeup that's glowing, shimmery and glossy, but it can cause unwanted reflections in flash photography and under bright lights.  Using a matte foundation will give you that flawless finish.

Tip #3 - Set your foundation.  Even though you've applied that full coverage, matte foundation, you want to be sure your make-up stays in-place and is shine free.  Using a translucent setting face powder is the key to keeping it looking great until that photo.

Tip #4 - Be a little bold! - For your photo, you'll want your make-up to be more accentuated than it would be for usual daily routine.  This doesn't mean it has to be garish...just add a little extra blush & bronzer because the flash of a camera can drown-out colors and cause them to look less vibrant than they do in person.  Beyond the blush, sweep on an extra coat of mascara and an eye-catching lipstick to help your features stand out.

Tip #5 - Keep highlighter to a minimum.  Over-shimmery products can lead to an unflattering shine in flash photography.  Dust just a bit of highlighter on the tip of your nose and above your cheekbones.

Tip #6 - Keep to matte eyeshadows.  It should be the primary part of your look.  A light pink color photographs well.  Give yourself a more awake look by adding a touch of light, shimmery shadow to the inner corners of your eyes.

Tip #7 - Stick with the matte in your choice of Lipstick too.  A lip gloss may be your favorite daily choice, but again...that shimmer doesn't photograph as well.

Tip #8 - Use a setting spray.  Although you've already set your foundation, using a setting spray will lock in the rest of your look.  It will keep your make-up looking "just applied".

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